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George Davis | You worthless women!

Published:Tuesday | January 9, 2018 | 12:00 AM

In these times when the empowerment of women right around the world is happening at a steady enough pace, I have been given cause to wonder about the ambition of some of my lady friends.

In recent days, I have had three separate conversations with three different women and have been struck by the commonality of worthlessness underpinning the sentiments expressed by those whom I thought were fair ladies.

Each woman is a professional; one, up to now, has chosen to be childless. Another is in a relatively new relationship and looking to start a family, while the other is a single parent of two children, one of whom is an adult.

All three have overcome tremendous odds to reach this far in life, despite abusive parents and boyfriends, poverty, and childhood stigma. Each has tertiary-level education and is a star performer at work. All three are also in that crucial position of serving as mentors for young people, especially girls. These ladies are fully embracing the way the world has changed where women are stepping forward to assert themselves in the workplace, the home, and in society as the equals of men, demanding to be given the same opportunities as those who are compelled by biology to stand and urinate. So how are they worthless?

Each woman, despite her accomplishments to date, is effectively living her life, waiting for a bus to pull up to her feet and drop off a man who will give her all she desires in life. These women want a man who will buy them the car of their dreams, the house they've always wanted, the labels they've always dreamt of wearing.

They want a man who will spend huge sums on them and who can afford to mind them after resigning their jobs from the moment the pregnancy test comes back positive.




I'm not making it up when I say that the chorus from all three women is that while they may partner with a man with whom they'd have to jointly build up wealth, their ideal outcome is for a man, attractive or ugly, to sweep them off their feet, provided he can make their wrists, ankles, and necks look gorgeous and where he himself can write handsome cheques.

I find this mindset to be worthless because it makes a mockery of those heroic women who've used their foreheads to break glass ceilings and eliminate stereotypes in their efforts to change the James Brown way of thinking that it's a man's world.

So why did they scrimp and save to pay for an education then if all they want in life is to find a man to mind them? Why have these women toiled so hard to escape sleeping head and foot with seven cousins and siblings on a rank piece of sponge, only to now be daydreaming of spending the bulk of their time travelling the world and dining at the finest restaurants, courtesy of sugar-daddy's money?

How can they then look in the faces of those they mentor and impart a message about each person working for what they want and eating bread by the sweat of their own brow? How can they not recoil into the position of a man's plaything, jumping, stooping, and squatting at his beck and call given that he is the source of all they desire?

I already know the ladies I'm talking about will be vexed with me. Poor them. They may feel even worse when I remind them that there is strong competition for the kind of man they want - the Prince Spending, rather than the Prince Charming - from many women who parade their pumped-up breasts and backsides in the popular social media spaces.

They will find that gold is scarce and diamond even scarcer despite how deep they may want to dig. Where I come from, any kind of man whose purpose in life is to be minded by a woman is deemed worthless. Why must women of a similar mindset be viewed differently?


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