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Tony Miles | Trump’s slippery slope: will midterm reverse course?

Published:Wednesday | August 8, 2018 | 12:00 AM

Never in the annals of modern times has one leader of a democratic country created such worldwide chaos. Donald Trump, without the media coverage, his tweeting fingers and the presidency, is nothing more than a mentally unbalanced, rich narcissist.

Trump, the master of discord, is undoubtedly the worst head of government in the free world. He uses the awesome power of the presidency as a weapon of mass destruction of other people's lives.

He behaves like a drunk illiterate, uttering thousands of false statements, including his claims that Russia had nothing to do with his presidential victory. The current president relentlessly tries to undo all of Obama's domestic policies that have been beneficial to the working class and immigrants.

Reliable news reports have surfaced that Trump has further denigrated the office of the presidency in numerous ways, including unethical business practices such as using his hotel to host foreign guests of the US government.

In addition, Trump has created an international trade war with the US long-time allies, as well as China and other countries that have been caught in the crossfire.

Within the next 80-odd days, the country will decide which party it wishes to be the majority in both houses. The Democrats are hoping that the midterm is a precursor to complete the power triple in November 2020.

How can the Democrats satisfy the disillusioned voters' lust for realistic changes within the ambit of both arms of the legislature and the presidency?

Will they have a new message to ignite the flame of pride and patriotism and decimate the hatemongering, racist fringes of the Republican Party led by the divisive, narcissistic Trump?

The 2016 Republican Congress, said to have the lowest approval rating in the US history, is ripe for the pickings.

There are nearly 30 Republican congress members and a few Republican senators who have indicated they will not run for office in 2018, many citing they are not prepared to watch Trump drag down the dignity and sanctity of the USA as a nation.

The latest opinion poll shows the Democrats have a nine per cent lead to regain the House and a much wider margin would prefer to see a democratic Congress. A smaller majority would rather see a change in the make-up of the Senate. The majority of Americans do not see Trump as doing a good job as president.




This triple negatives against the Republicans should give Democrats a clear advantage at the polls in November.

But will it?

The Democrats could use these strategies:

Motivate the electorate with a strong, compelling message, void of false promises and vitriolic attacks on opponents, and woo the electorate with a dignified, honest, heart-warming positive campaign.

Examine the Republicans' policies and critique, if necessary, and make realistic suggestions for improvement.

The message must appeal to the middle-class professionals, lower- and middle-class income earners, non-whites, young new voters, the disaffected white females, working-class males, and minorities.

The Democratic Party needs a strong, dynamic person with progressive ideas who can motivate the country - a white Barack, someone the entire nation would respect.

Since Donald Trump has nourished the racist caterpillars among those millions of Americans who were so inclined, many may reach a tolerance level and be converted to butterflies. Yet, the harsh reality, a non-white is unlikely to be elected president of the USA in 2020 or 2024 until the seeds of racism cease to germinate.

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