Sat | Dec 15, 2018

Mark Wignall | Who are these monsters among us?

Published:Thursday | August 30, 2018 | 12:00 AM
Latoya Riley mother of the 14-year-old girl who was raped and killed in the vicinity of Twelfth Street in Trench Town. The body of the 14-year-old was found burning behind a church on Friday, August 24.

She was 15 years of age when 'John Blacks' and his small crew snatched her. They had grabbed two teenage girls but one, a feisty 17-year old who I knew, somehow fought them off and escaped their murderous clutch.

As they had their way with the child, she bawled out in a horrendous wailing of pain, distress and fear. Those nearby called the police as they heard the child screaming. As one person later told me, "Grants Pen full a gunman and dutty ghetto people. Mek dem kill off demself", was the general response from the police.

After brutally raping the child, the human animals used a knife to cut her entire nether end into one channel. I was told that Blacks had shot 15 people by the time he was 18, and had killed two of them. His regular evening routine at 19 years of age was to upend a quart of Wray and Nephew white rum, drink about three mouthfuls of it, smoke his crack pipe.

After that, he would turn his M16 assault rifle in the air and burst off a barrage to let those in the area know his ruthlessness, his resolve, his power, his madness.

After cutting up the little child, one of them slit her throat and then they threw her in the gully. Blacks used his M-16 to shoot up the dead body.

That was in Grants Pen and about two decades before the terrible atrocity in Arnett Gardens with the mortal brutality unleashed on a child, a citizen of this country. We must resolve never to accept this as normal, no matter how abysmal we sink in general civility.

The other monsters among us are those who gave people like 'John Blacks' legitimacy. They are the politicians who stand before the nation at impressive podiums and drum into us the need to find a new civil cause, a relearning and a cultural rebirth. Behind the scenes, they slouch in the dark gutters and empower their armed killers.

Arnett Gardens has our blood flowing through its system. We are each other. The hypocritical politicians among us who preen on special days of celebration in this country and puff out their ponderous guts in attempts to convince us that they hold the moral high ground are, in plain language, those prolonging the problems in this country instead of finding solutions.

How dare any politician who sits atop the 'win' in his garrison constituency say to me that he has never sat with groups of gunmen and either have them provide him with 'security' or him telling them the next place they should launch their next reign of terror?

The brutal death of that child in Arnett Gardens has given People's National Party Opposition Leader Dr Peter Phillips a sick reason to ascribe her killing to faults in the Jamaica Labour Party administration's security policy. According to him, the security forces were stretched too thin because of the high concentration of their utilisation in the ZOSOS and special states of emergency.

And I suppose, Dr Phillips, that when Jamaica made the most shameful list as the number one country for murder in 2005 when you were there as minister, it meant, what again, Peter?

Many young boys in this country make it through childhood to adolescence to adulthood and miss out entirely on the course called 'humanity.' The politicians know who they are and worse, are guaranteed that that bad stock will be available to them as the garrison next shows its familiar face.

The rapists and killers are among us and their political bosses are still giving giving them mulch.