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Gordon Robinson | Jamaica is your home!

Published:Tuesday | December 4, 2018 | 12:00 AM

As usual, Jamaicans are consumed by the need to tell us how disgusting Donald Trump is.

Guys, we know. Disgusting. Stupid. Racist. Misogynist. Yeah, yeah. But also boring. Guys, Trump's antics are no surprise. He promised America he would behave thus. America rewarded him with the presidency. He's keeping his promises. We need to let go.

I think I know what the problem is. For decades, we've lined up at US Embassy, penitently grovelling to be allowed a 'visit' to a neighbouring paradise we believed was the land of milk and honey. It turned out it wasn't chocolate milk, and the honey was to trap flies for menial work. 1970s professionals 'migrated' in droves hopping one of Joshua's 'five flights a day' fleeing from 'communism' to bag groceries or shampoo carpets for a living. They took the bus on 'cyaaaapet' so they could water Americans' Chia Pets. Many soon repatriated with tails between their legs.

It's challenging when fantasies explode. Now we know what America really is. Because, make no mistake about it, Trump IS America. Or, at least, he's the America we've long lusted after. America was fine accepting our "huddled (m)asses" while it was a developing nation that needed exploitables, but now it thinks it's an empire, it sees us as a threat to the empire's survival. The gloves are off. The pretence is over. The empire strikes back! America is determined to make America white again.

Jamaicans have generated much excitement after the results of the recent midterm elections when Democrats took control of the House. Yawn. Before analysing those results, we MUST grasp a fundamental truth.

The Democratic Party, as diverse as its membership may be (remember, Americans, like Jamaicans, have only two choices of political party), wants the same America as Republicans. It pretends better. It's more prepared to intellectualise issues and promote what education tells it is 'right'.

In most Democrats' hearts, they're the same as Republicans. They say they want 'diversity' but label it 'immigration reform'. Democrats' tragic error (driven by a blind, irresistible urge for political correctness and facilitated by brilliant, innovative campaigning) named Obama has motivated America to ensure that no other minority group sleeps in the 'White' House this century. Maybe America is evolving and Trump is just the final lashing-out of a gravely wounded animal, but I doubt it.

Midterm election results were simply a manifestation of the historical trend that sitting presidents lose ground at these polls, together with the elections' localised nature, the date incumbents were elected, and the gains Democrats subsequently made in those districts. Many defeated Republican incumbents were running for re-election in districts that voted overwhelmingly for Hillary in 2016.

What I find more telling are wider Senate/gubernatorial races where some traditional issues were magnified. White Republican Cindy Hyde-Smith defeated black candidate Mike Espy in a Mississippi Senate run-off despite her series of outrageous statements. She said she'd be willing to sit in the front row of a public hanging (Mississippi is famous for white racists lynching blacks). She 'joked' that she favoured making it more difficult for certain people to vote in Mississippi. She graduated from a 'segregation academy' created to circumvent Brown v Board of Education and sent her daughter to a school of the same origins.

This failed to alienate white Republicans. Trump appeared at two separate rallies for her the day before her run-off election. She polled 58 per cent of the vote. Two other Republican candidates used careless racist rhetoric to defeat two black candidates in statewide races. In Florida, Ron DeSantis warned Floridians not to "monkey this up" by electing Andrew Gillum. In Georgia, Brian Kemp billed himself as a Trump-like conservative who drove a large pickup truck to have room for the "criminal illegals" he might round up daily. He beat black female candidate Stacey Abrams.

Don't fool yourself. Jamaica is your home. Stay here and develop Jamaica.

Peace and love.

- Gordon Robinson is an attorney-at-law. Email feedback to