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Editorial | Troy Caine's last testament

Published:Sunday | January 13, 2019 | 12:00 AM

We do not know if Troy Caine was a religious man, but we suspect that if he was, he would have died worrying about his soul's destination for his greatest sin: not committing his inestimable knowledge of Jamaican politics to tomes for future generations.

And that indictment is the highest form of compliment and honour that can be bestowed on a man who was a walking encyclopaedia of this country's modern electoral history, so much so that his word carried such heft, it was held as unchallengeable gospel.

Mr Caine's analysis and recall of backstories and intrigue provided context and nuance that enriched the understanding of Jamaica's political development beyond superficial regurgitation. His loss is tragic not only for his family and friends who cherished him but to Jamaican journalism and political historiography.

Perhaps the estate of Troy Caine could grant him absolution by publishing a compilation of his printed and oral commentary and analysis. The heavens would rejoice.