Sun | Jul 5, 2020

#TalkbackTuesday | Getting tourism going safely

Published:Wednesday | May 27, 2020 | 12:19 AM

What measures would you like to see to ensure the safe reopening of the tourism sector? Our social media followers yesterday weighed in on the matter.

Keep the borders closed and let’s get that staycation campaign going again.

– @Sherieta

1. COVID-19 insurance scheme for the hotel workers who will be at risk of falling ill and needing healthcare. 2. Designated tourist zones so as to keep tourists together and, in some way, limit spread to general population.

– @enadrellim

To still keep it closed until a cure or vaccine becomes available ... or sure, bring them here and then more cases and no more Jamaicans.

– @21_rece

Not until we open our country to our ppl first. Measures should be place on how we can get back to work.

– @uptopbossfresh

Masks and social distance or else give a fine.

– @prettymuchblessed

Open up the hotels at discounted prices to locals.

– @sunnyflowerja

Can tourists afford to come to Jamaica right now or before the end of the year? That is the more realistic question.

– @lemon.michelle