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Excitement galore at Mi Nah Laugh

Published:Wednesday | March 2, 2011 | 12:00 AM
Elva presents gifts to patrons at Mi Nah Laugh.
Hilarious Granny gets into performance mode at Mi Nah Laugh held at the Courtleigh Auditorium on Sunday. - Contributed photos
Johnny delivers one of his jokes during his performance.

Comedy show delivers well-received lessons to eager 'students'

Hasani Walters, Gleaner Writer

"Ha-has", "heh-hehs" and other sounds, which were supposed to be laughter, but were more like laughing hyenas, filled the room on Sunday as the comedy train made a stop at the Courtleigh Auditorium for Unxpected Projexz's Mi Nah Laugh - The Comedy Show.

And what a show it was!

With a classroom theme vividly set up, complete with desks, chairs, computer, cabinet, chalkboard, male and female anatomy charts, windows and even 'Gaza' and 'Gully' graffiti on the walls, principal Elva got the show under way as she announced: "Get yourself settled because school is in session."

From she rang the bell signalling the beginning of classes, until dismissal, patrons had wide grins on their faces.

The teachers - Christopher 'Johnny' Daley, Dwight Samuels, Leighton Smith, Tubeless, Father and Son, The Hilarious Granny, Mixing Lab, Lecturer and Zimboo - all came fully equipped with their lesson plans and delivered comedy lessons well to a packed auditorium in each class, teaching the 'students' how to have a hearty laugh.

Smith started the night on the right note as, according to him, "All primary school teachers are wicked, all of them, and I'm speaking because I am one."

He went on to give instances of this which had patrons laughing and clapping in approval of his jokes. He had a solid performance which was thoroughly enjoyed.

Lecturer was also on par as he had jokes in abundance, and they all connected with patrons who doubled in their seats with laughter when he retold his account of how he narrowly escaped death, twice, in encounters with angry rastafarians.

Father and Son, The Hilarious Granny and Tubeless had fairly good performances as well.

Mixing Lab, the human beatbox, was a hit among patrons as he produced unbelievable rhythms of popular reggae, hip-hop and dancehall songs and had short sing-along sessions.

Few laughs

Samuels and Zimboo managed to counter jeers and handclaps from the audience who found problems and few laughs in their performances.

"Mi nuh tek viagra, suh yuh caan tell mi when to come off," said Lecturer in response to handclaps which suggested he should exit the stage.

The last teacher for the night was certainly the best, as Christopher 'Johnny' Daley delighted patrons in his history class with his well-built and wonderfully executed jokes.

He went on and on, and, effortlessly, had laughs bouncing all over the room.

His take on the ongoing 'Manatt, Flupps and Flupps' case was one of the most entertaining of the night as he mimicked the behaviour of politicians in spot-on fashion, but not without adding his own humorous twist.

However, what might have been the biggest laugh for the night was interrupted when a female patron guessed how his joke (about a Trinidadian MC who introduced a Jamaican artiste in the wrong way, was beaten, and proceeded to disrespect Jamaicans) would end.

She was correct and dampened the possible effect of the joke Johnny had been gradually and masterfully building when he began his take on Jamaican people around the world and their interaction with people in other countries.

Rohan Gunter, promoter of the show, Elva and Johnny, then had a field day with jokes about Vybz Kartel's skin colour which ended the night wonderfully after Gunter thanked patrons and sponsors.