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Jokes promised, laughter delivered - Oral Tracey's Let Loose lives up to bellyful billing

Published:Monday | August 11, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Dufton Shepherd
Oral Tracey

 Shereita Grizzle, Gleaner Writer

The recent staging of Oral Tracey's Let Loose for 2014 delivered on its promise of a bellyful of laughter. Held at The Jamaica Pegasus hotel, the evening was brought to life by some of Jamaica's best-known comedians.

However, although most of the acts put in strong performances, the stand-out performance of the night came from someone who was not originally booked.

On an evening which saw performances from Elva, Lemon, Christopher 'Johnny' Daley and more, comedian Dufton Shepherd held his own and proved to be just as entertaining as the more experienced acts. The former Comedy Buss contestant captured the attention of the guests and had them in stitches from start to finish.

Shepherd made light of serious issues, including the state of the economy and the current drought. Not even members of parliament were spared as the young entertainer unleashed his comedic onslaught, Minister of Agriculture Roger Clarke being one of the key figures discussed.

Also among the stand-outs was Orville Higgins. Higgins, who was making his debut, was keen to point out that he was no comedian and would only be discussing real issues, in the hope that the audience would find it amusing. Despite lacking experience Higgins put in a good showing, as he shared moments from his childhood. Making fun of himself and speaking on issues the audience could relate to proved to be a hit.

Things were brought to a new level when 'the diva' Elva took to the stage. During her set some guests laughed so hard they were reduced to tears. She showed the audience just why she had survived the business as long as she has, delivering one punchline after the other.

The night ended on a high with Christopher 'Johnny' Daley. Handed the task of closing the show, Johnny made fun of some of the previous performers, particularly Iron Dog. Iron Dog was also making his comedic debut and members of the audience agreed when Johnny proclaimed "there are jokes and then there are comedians. For example tonight we had comedian Elva and we also had Iron Dog."

That was enough to send the audience into a frenzy and Daley's set only gained momentum from there on.

Towards the end of the evening, Let Loose promoter Oral Tracey thanked the audience for their support and addressed the non-appearance of deejay Admiral Bailey, who was one of the first acts booked for Let Loose 2014. However, Tracey said, "...tonight mi ago hear say him couldn't make the show because him get stuck on a trip back to Jamaica. Mi vex."

It was the third staging of the comedy show, which is sponsored by Cal's Tomato Ketchup.