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Faith bubbles eternally

Published:Sunday | August 17, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Fire Bubbles-photos by Carl Gilchrist

Carl Gilchrist, Sunday Gleaner Writer

Fire Bubbles has been in the music business for more years than he cares to remember. Despite not yet making it big as a deejay, he is still confident that he will score that elusive breakthrough hit.

Born in Somerton, St James, and named Barrington Allen, Fire Bubbles has made St Ann his home for the past three decades. Many days, he can be seen hanging out in Ocho Rios, chanting his lyrics, preparing for what he expects to happen for his music career in the near future.

Among the tracks that he has recorded recently are Performance, Chung Chang Cheng and Real Gideon. While getting only limited airplay, they have served to keep him relevant. Fire Bubbles' enthusiasm remains unwavering, as he told The Sunday Gleaner that he is still searching for a hit to boost his career.

"Yeah, man! Every day, every minute, every second. Wi neva stop search. An' wi confident. Wi confident that one day it will happen!" he said.


Fire Bubbles' lyrics are generally based on the struggles he has gone through in his life. But he says his versatility ensures comfort with whatever subject matter he decides to express.

"Mi do Rasta music, mi do revolution music, mi do love music, mi do girls' music," he explained. "We have to share the love with nuff people. Sometime mi think seh, in time to come, mi wi even do Christian songs for the Christian people, because Christian people love me and they help me. So a nuh nutten," he said.

According to Fire Bubbles, he draws motivation from life and from people around him in general and fellow artists.

Corporate Jamaica has also served to motivate and assist Fire Bubbles. For a few years, he has been linked with popular fast-food restaurant chain, Tastee, having entered the Tastee Talent Competition. Although not winning, Fire Bubbles has impressed sufficiently to have the company book him on various shows. These include the Tastee/Tropicana Family Fiesta two Saturdays ago in Ocho Rios, St Ann, and the third leg of the event, slated for December in Montego Bay, St James.

"Tastee never leave me out yet. … They see something in me," Fire Bubbles said.

For the future, Fire Bubbles says he is simply looking forward to life.

"Wha mi a look for is pure life and happiness," he explained. "Just to make my fans proud ah mi, all mi family an' mi youth proud ah mi. Mi jus waa mi fans dem have faith and confidence. My time ah come!"