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Record labels treat Sherlock children

Published:Wednesday | August 20, 2014 | 12:00 AM
A group of young men on stage at Sunday's Sherlock Kids Treat, held at the community's football field in Duhaney Park, St Andrew. - Winston Sill/Freelance PHOTOGRAPHER

A number of well-known Jamaican performers turned out to show their support for child development at Sunday's Sherlock Kids Treat, held at the Sherlock football field, Duhaney Park, St Andrew. It was part of a charity initiative spearheaded by Paypaz Chasaz and SubKonshus records labels.

The operators of both labels, products of the Sherlock community, pooled their resources to deliver a day filled with entertainment and gifts for the children.

Recording artiste and founder of SubKonshus Records, Konshens, was present, along with his brother Delus and SubKonshus artiste Darrio. Konshens told The Gleaner that he has had the experience of living in the inner city and wanted to use his influence to assist in making the lives of the youth better.

"It's about giving back, and this collaboration is between me and Paypaz Chasaz, which is another set of progressive youths from Sherlock. We are just helping out where we come from and it's a thing we wi duh every year," he said.

Konshens said SubKonshus and Paypaz Chasaz will be assisting with funding school fees and purchasing school bags, as well as donating books to children from the community.

Managing director at Paypaz Chasaz, Tamara Timry Brown, said the record label is one year old. The team firmly believes in education and will direct some of its resources to community development. She said the Sherlock community has always supported artistes who develop their craft there and hinted that more acts will break into the mainstream from Sherlock.

"To be a part of this event is a goodwill. The community supports us. It's been a good year. So far, we just signed two artistes, Young Marky and Maypen Di Future, and they are doing good, receiving steady airtime," Brown said.

The record labels also used the event as a platform to expose aspiring talents from the community. Brown told The Gleaner that Sherlock has a pool of talented youth looking to make their mark in the music industry, as they see music a means of escaping poverty.

"Music is seen as an easy way out if you have talent. A lot of youth here have subjects and can't get any job and, therefore, we always expose talents every year at this event," she said.

There were performances from Delus, Konshens, Patexx, Bounty Killer and Iyara, among others. Patexx also shared his opinion of charity initiatives.

"The children are the future and anything that has to do with kids, I am always happy to be a part of it. I am very close with Paypaz Chasaz's and SubKonshus' family and it's a positive event. We have to support positive things. Kingston 20 is a very dear place to me, because I am always here at recording studios," the deejay said.

He also said his set would contain nothing but clean, uplifting and entertaining messages.