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Marco Polo marks five years

Published:Friday | August 22, 2014 | 12:00 AM
The Lawless team. - Contributed

Lawless Events is preparing to host the fifth anniversary of the water party Marco Polo, with the tagline Marco Polo the Magnificent.

According to vice-president at Lawless Events, Fabian O'Hara, the production at this staging of Marco Polo will top all which have taken place before. Marco Polo's fifth anniversary party will be held at the National Stadium Car Park, Arthur Wint Drive, St Andrew, on Sunday, August 24.

The VIP cabanas have reportedly already been sold out and O'Hara says the wheels are turning in the right direction. Five years ago Marco Polo started with only 2,000 patrons, he said. Fast forward to 2014 and the event organiser says the party is rivalled by no other event with a water element.

"It's a good feeling to have a successful five-year-old event. Sometimes the feeling is overwhelming, to see how it has grown from 2,000 patrons to 17,000. It shows that our supporters are happy with the product and, recently, a particular media outlet was saying we need to take the Marco Polo experience to the rest of the Caribbean," O'Hara said.

He said this staging will see Marco Polo transformed into a spectacle of class and higher quality. "We have some new stuff, like the VIP cabanas. The set-up will be different and we will be putting more effort into the image to give Marco Polo a special look. When patrons step in they will feel like they are in a $5,000 party, because we are commemorating five years," he said.

US launch

Marco Polo was recently launched in New York, and O'Hara said the support is encouraging on that side of the United States.

The Lawless team recently announced that Marco Polo-branded bottled water will be released for public consumption in coming weeks. The product will be officially launched at the anniversary party on Sunday. "We are starting local, but we know that it will be a major product and could possibly be exported eventually. We had the idea for a long time and we decided that now would be the best time to launch the product. I don't think any other event has managed to do this before and we wanted to be the first to. Marco Polo water will also add longevity to the event and keep it relevant," O'Hara said.

Ticket cost

Marco Polo will commence at 4 p.m. and end at 10 p.m. DJs booked to boost the celebration are ZJ Sparks, Flabba Dabba, ZJ Ice, Chromatic, DJ Vice, Dre Day Renaissance, Bunco Hilltop and Hyperactive. Early bird tickets are being sold at $1,000, presold cost $1,300 and it is $1,500 at the gate. Tickets can be purchased at Di Trendz, Bargain Mall, Extras Mall, Cuddyz and Genus Pharmacy. Marco Polo will also provide free tattoo and piercing. There will be attractions such as water slides, water trucks and mechanical bulls.

"Patrons should turn out because this is Marco Polo. We have the best DJs, unlimited liquor and we have a recording artiste and dancer down to perform. Ding Dong has one of the hottest songs for summer, The Sivva. Our acts always turn up and they always deliver. We never fall short on what we promise," O'Hara said.

Marco Polo's fifth anniversary is powered by Digicel, Lucozade, ZIP FM and Hyperactive.