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PZed continues marijuana mission

Published:Sunday | August 24, 2014 | 12:00 AM
PZed (right) with Little Hero.

Carl Gilchrist, Gleaner Writer

With his popular 2009 song Cassava, PZed is known in the music industry as a herbs man. His latest release, Nuh Call di Police, reinforces PZed's belief in the freedom to use marijuana for personal purposes.

The song is topical, given the recent death of Mario Deane, who had been arrested for marijuana. He died after being beaten at the Barnett Street Police Station in Montego Bay, St James.

Since then, the Government has announced changes to how persons charged with minor offences, including possession of a ganja spliff, are treated.

PZed told The Gleaner that "Nuh Call di Police is definitely a herb song. We trying to get the herb to legalise. As you hear the name, you know what it speaks to." The lyrics go in part:

"Mi nuh wrongdoer not a person of interest

Straight meditation burn incest

Have a lot a herb but wi still haffi link west"

Expounding on the lyrics, PZed said "it a talk 'bout herbs on a broader base, but it also a talk about herb being a natural plant. You shouldn't be calling the police for herb, so that is basically what the song is saying."

The song was recorded about a month ago, before the Barnett Street incident took place. PZed said such an incident should never have happened.

"You can't take a herb smoker and put him in a cell with hardened criminals. It's unfortunate to know that you catch somebody with a spliff and you lock him away. I see them coming with some new laws, we going to see what happens," PZed said.

However, PZed said, the adjustments have not gone far enough, as persons will still be charged for a spliff.

"I think, for a spliff, they shouldn't charge you at all. If you have over the amount specified, then they can charge you. And, even then, they shouldn't have to lock you up," he said.

Nuh Call di Police is on the Drop Di Bass label.

PZed and his brother Little Hero go to Florida in September, as they prepare for a European tour starting October 10. It will include performances in Switzerland.