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Heart of Revenge 2 available islandwide tomorrow

Published:Sunday | September 14, 2014 | 12:00 AMShereita Grizzle
Richie Drenz

Award-winning author Richie Drenz is keeping his promise regarding the release of Part Two of his novel, Heart of Revenge. The novel, which was released online in July, will now be available in physical copies tomorrow, September 15.

"As of tomorrow, the novel will be available at all the major bookstores islandwide, as well as a few additional locations in the rural areas," Drenz said. The book will also be available at York Pharmacy in Kingston, Fontana Pharmacy in Mandeville, and Young's Pharmacy in May Pen. The author told The Sunday Gleaner that the online release did a lot for the novel, as more and more persons were made aware of his work. He also said that the reaction from those who couldn't access it online propelled him to speed things up for the release of the physical copy.

Heart of Revenge 2 is the second of a three-part series. Although Book Two is expected to be just as raunchy as the first, the author lashed back at critics who felt that sex was the only topic he could explore. He was quick to point out that the major characters in the novel go through so many real-life issues in Part Two, that they mature most above anything else. That, he said, would only add to the drama and excitement, as the plot thickens to the point where readers will be begging for the release of the final instalment. Speaking of which, Drenz revealed that the final book would be released some time in February 2015.

The need to prove his versatility as an author has led Drenz to step away from the sex scene, venturing down a completely new path. His next novel, The Jamaican Ninja, will be a romance/comedy and is scheduled for a December release. As has become customary with Drenz, his online readers will be able to get a first look at his most recent work, as it will be made available to them from October.