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Patrick Gaynor finally on 'Road To Zion'

Published:Saturday | September 20, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Patrick Gaynor reflects on the brief life of his son, Zion, as he holds a portrait of him. File

Zadeke Brooks

Seven years after being conceptualised, Twin of Twins' Patrick Gaynor can finally boast that his book, The Road To Zion, will be released.

According to Anna Edwards, sales and publishing executive at Ghetto People Publishing, the book should be released by late October or some time in November.

Gaynor began writing the book following the death of his son Zion in 2007 and says he is pleased that it will finally be released. He also explained that there were a few factors that led to the delay.

"There were issues related to inspiration at times. When the spirit say move, that's how I get the most authentic material. There was also touring. Those issues have been sorted out. I gave it my hundred and it is finally coming out," he told The Gleaner.

He also says the book is an autobiography, and that readers will get the opportunity to see him on a deeper level.

relatable story

"Zion is my son and Zion is also a place in heaven that you want to get to. It's about that road and how tough it was. It's not only my story, a lot of people have similar stories. I want my story to tell people that there is a way out of it," Gaynor said.

"I am going to show my story. There are many stories in my book that people didn't know we went through. I think many persons will be able to relate to my story and there will be a many who will be upset. It's about undiluted truth about everyone, both close to me and far. I am going to tell my story, however rough, sick or disgusting."

Edwards agrees with Gaynor and says readers will also get a few surprises.

"Based on what we have gone through so far, there is a lot of introspection and I think a lot of people will be surprised. He claimed an identity for himself beyond the duo. It is powerful stuff and we have high hopes for it," she told The Gleaner.

But that's not the only writing that Gaynor has been doing, as he recently did a dub poem called My Mother's Son, which is a tribute to his mother who died last year. He says the poem is currently on YouTube and has been receiving good reviews.