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Producers deem 'Jamaican Mafia' premiere a success

Published:Wednesday | September 24, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Shereita Grizzle, Gleaner Writer

The highly anticipated premiere of the new movie Jamaican Mafia took place in New York, USA, last Thursday, and, despite some fearing a low turnout, organisers have revealed the opposite.

Held at Sunrise Multiplex Theatre, the event packed some serious Jamaican star power, as the cast and crew, including lead actors Mykal Fax and Paul Campbell. Co-producer of the film, Orville Matherson, told The Gleaner that the event drew a crowd of more than 1,000 strong. "It went way above my expectations. We were not sure what to expect after the first one was cancelled, but we realised that the demand was even more afterwards," he said. "We added another theatre based on this demand and we were sold out!"

Those who saw the movie took to the film's official Facebook page to give their opinions on how it turned out and, based on the comments, it seemed the movie was a big hit among viewers. Dale Foti, executive producer of the film, expressed satisfaction at the reaction of the audience.


"I can't remember ever watching a movie where people laughed, cheered and visibly reacted to what was happening on screen like they did watching Jamaican Mafia," she said.

New Yorkers weren't the only ones satisfied over the premiere weekend as Atlanta and South Carolina also had their own screenings. Those shows were also sold out. "We went to Atlanta where we had a 6 p.m. showing. This was sold out and as a result, we had a standing room," explained Matherson. "We had to add another showing for 9 p.m. for persons who couldn't get into the 6 p.m. showing."

With the US premieres now out of the way, the production team is looking to take the movie to other places like Canada, Puerto Rico, the UK and Jamaica in the next couple of months. They also have plans to submit Jamaican Mafia to film festivals in the near future.