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High quality promised for Arthur Guinness concert tonight

Published:Thursday | September 25, 2014 | 12:00 AM
File Delano Forbes of Phase 3 Productions.
Jah Cure
Lady Saw

Leighton Levy, Gleaner Writer

Tonight's fifth staging of the Arthur Guinness Day (AGD) Concert at the National Arena is promising to be one of the best yet. The solid line-up of acts that includes Lady Saw, Jah Cure and Assassin, as well as soca entertainers Skinny Fabulous and Mr Killa, is expected to attract thousands and create the perfect atmosphere for those watching from across the region and beyond.

As such, two of the island's best production houses - Phase 3 Productions and Main Event Entertainment - have been called upon to ensure first-world delivery of the concert experience.

Phase 3 Productions has every intention of living up to those expectations, said director Delano Forbes. "We are producing a 10-camera HD TV and radio production that will not only be seen and heard in Jamaica, but throughout the region via satellite, as part of a Caribbean Simulcast," said Forbes. "AGD 2014 will also be streamed through Guinness' social-media platforms, mobile and seen in the US, and Canada on cable television via CEEN. This year, Phase 3 will also be working on a special pre-show of the Golden Carpet, which will be aired exclusively on Flow's network across their Caribbean territories."

What viewers see on the ground will be the responsibility of Main Event, the company charged with ensuring that what occurs presents an amazing and memorable experience, and they promise to deliver. "Guided by our creative tag line, 'The Future is Now', Main Event Entertainment seeks to revolutionise the concert experience by bringing a world class, never-been-done-before production to Jamaica that is fused with technology and electrifying talent," said Jeffrey Cole, audio video lights production manager at Main Event. "We see this as an opportunity to further illustrate and enhance our ability to create a package that is innovative and first to market."

Events like these, Forbes said, provide the perfect platform for Jamaica to show the world that it is capable of putting on great productions comparable to the best in the world. "Phase 3 Productions is proud to be part of the 2014 staging of Arthur Guinness Day. The show not only showcases 'Made of More' talent on the stage, but AGD allows Jamaica's best industry professionals to collaborate on the staging of the event," he said.

Forbes is urging patrons to come out early or they could miss something special. "Arthur Guinness Day 2014 is where patrons can expect the unexpected, to say the least. Be there at 9 p.m. for a great surprise!"