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Wally British delivers at LIME Comedy Café

Published:Saturday | October 4, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Sarge (left) and Apache Kid were up to their usual antics during the recent Comedy Café show.
Leighton Smith was in his element at the Comedy Café show held at South Beach Café, Brompton Road, last Wednesday.
Wally British makes her debut live-stage performance at Comedy Café, held at South Beach Café, Brompton Road, last Wednesday.-PHOTOS BY Winston Sill/Freelance Photographer

Shereita Grizzle, Gleaner Writer

In January, they introduced Dutty Berry to the stage for his first ever, live stand-up performance, after which they debuted Kevin 2 Krazy. Last Wednesday night, the promoters of the LIME Comedy Café introduced yet another new act to an eager audience at South Beach Café.

Staying true to their promise of bringing a new act to the stage each month, organisers booked Internet sensation Wally British for the most recent edition of the series. Though this would serve as the female comedian's debut live-stage performance, first-time jitters did not hinder her from delivering a brilliant set to a packed house.

Holding her own, the sole female act of the night showed why she had caught the attention of the show's promoters and proved just how she won the hearts of thousands of Jamaicans via social media.

Making her grand entrance to thunderous applause, British had guests glued to her every word as she delivered one punch line after the other. Some guests enjoyed her set so much that they found it difficult to stay in their seats while she was on stage.

Making it clear that she was going to talk her way to fame, there wasn't a topic spared by the comedienne during her set. In her usual style of delivery, British touched on every topic - from relationships to domestic issues. Her jokes on 'side chicks' and 'side men' respecting boundaries were perhaps the audience's favourite topic. As she outlined the 'side chicks/men' guidelines, the jam-packed venue erupted in uncontrollable laughter. She also used the platform to target the 'main chicks/men', encouraging them to get their act together. British listed some relationship dos and don'ts - 'if you want to keep your partner faithful' - advice that was readily accepted by the audience.

She ended her set to a standing ovation and thanked the audience for accepting her.

Noteworthy acts

Other noteworthy performances came from Leighton Smith and 'Blakka' Ellis. In his usual, simple but powerful way, Smith turned the audience upside down with his comedic spin on serious issues, including the current situation between ISIS and the United States, as well as Jamaica's crime situation. Claiming to have the remedy to deviant behaviour in the country, Smith said that had he been in charge of the government, he would have opted to put a United States embassy in every community as that is the only place Jamaicans exhibit exemplary behaviour. That one was enough to get the crowd begging for more even after his set ended.

Apache Kid and Sarge were also among the night's scheduled acts. They did well to maintain a laughter-filled show.