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Int'l DJ J Diggz to ignite Shorts Circuit

Published:Wednesday | October 8, 2014 | 12:00 AM
J Diggz

The hip, hot and trendy Red Stripe Shorts Circuit is back and bigger than ever with an entertainment package that is sure to enthrall patrons. At the Heroes Day installment of this highly anticipated event, international recording artiste and celebrity disc jock, J Diggz, will play host.

According to Andre Brown, promoter of the party, J Diggz is current and a favourite not only in his native Toronto, Canada, but all across the world.

"We chose J Diggz after careful thought. He is multitalented and will bring his super skills on the turntables and on the mic to the event. He has been put in the same category of young stars with Drake, so you know we have a real musical heavyweight on our hands," Brown said.

It is expected that he will take the Toronto vibe to Pier One in Montego Bay, while appealing to lovers of early '80s, '90s hip-hop and R&B classics in an effort to build momentum to deliver a stellar performance.

"I always try to bring the 'Toronto' vibe to JA whenever I perform or play. Being from such a multicultural city, I try to appeal to all persons in attendance by reading the crowd. I'm from the old school, so I enjoy playing hip-hop and R&B from the '90s, '80s and beyond," J Diggz said.

"I plan on bringing feelings of nostalgia; I want to remind everyone what 'real' music was or is. I plan on giving the people what they so desperately need - good music!" he added.

Right now, J Diggz' focus is on rebranding himself as Jonathan III. He recently released the video for his buzz single, a signature clothing line, and is working on compiling an album.

Rebranding process

"I spent some time rebranding myself as a recording artiste. I had to change my moniker (J Diggz) due to some legal issues we had with the name. I now go by Jonathan III (my legal name), and we just released my first buzz single and video titled Head of State. We also just launched a socially conscious clothing line called Social Club Co, our flagship beanies are now on sale, and selling fast!" informed DJ J Diggz.

"We are in the middle of finishing my debut United States album entitled Th13teen, which should be out very early. I've had a successful career in Canada and abroad, so naturally, the next step is to conquer the world," he concluded.

With Jamaica a second home to the DJ, he plans on retiring and building his home on the north coast around close friends. He is looking forward to Red Stripe Shorts Circuit and encourages everyone to come out.