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Ajoyo presents Cinderella story with a twist

Published:Wednesday | October 15, 2014 | 12:00 AM
These ladies sing out at Ajoyo.
The Glenmuir High School choir in performance at their Ajoyo production.
The Glenmuir High School choir in performance at their Ajoyo production at the Courtleigh auditorium last Saturday. Photos by Brian McCalla/Freelance Photographer
From left: Bishop Howard Gregory, Dr Marsha Smalling (principal, Glenmuir High School) and Dr Omar Davies.
Dr Omar Davies dances with members of the Glenmuir High School choir during thier Ajoyo production.

Sadeke Brooks, Gleaner Writer

The Glenmuir High School Choir displayed much professionalism as they told the Cinderella story in an unconventional and musical way during their Ajoyo production last Saturday.

The show kicked off on time at the Courtleigh Auditorium in New Kingston, with the school choir getting strong applause for the opening funeral scene, the first sign that the choir had put a twist to the popular fairy tale. There was much singing and theatrics as they moved further into the show with a well-choreographed performance of Fame.

Soon after, the choir got more contemporary with rearranged versions of Mavado's Again and Again, Overcome and I'm So Blessed. As the show progressed, they also did Rise Up, a song that was done for Jamaica's 1998 FIFA World Cup campaign, and Shinehead's Strive.

At one point, they also sang Damian Marley's Strong Will Continue, with the drummers seeming to enjoy every minute of the song that required extensive and powerful use of the instrument.

As the story continued, the evil Ras Putin and his strong, clear voice, were introduced when the wicked stepmother called on him to get rid of her stepdaughter, Anya. And as Anya goes in search of love, she meets Ras Putin, and is unaware of his intention to kill her.

Realising what was about to happen to his dear friend, Anya, Sadiki acted quickly and decided that he must fight Ras Putin. As Sadiki prepared for war, gospel songs like Walk With Me and The Lord Is My Shepherd were performed.

While Sadiki and Ras Putin fought, the choir performed Chronixx's Warrior. And as the fight continued, the audience cheered on the dancing, fighting and high-energy songs accompanied by drumming.

In the end, good triumphed over evil, and with that, came the unification of Anya and her stepsisters. The large choir then took centre stage, performing songs like Africa Unite and Exodus. There was an eventual shift to more patriotic songs like I Man Born Ya and Bam Bam. During the latter, Ras Putin returned and took over the stage with his strong presence while interacting with the audience. During Cherry Oh Baby, the choir members pulled members of the audience onstage to dance.

When the show came to an end with Land Of My Birth, the audience seemed to have made a strong connection with the cast, as they were applauded extensively for the presentation.