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Destiny. A universal story of family, love and music

Published:Wednesday | October 15, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Karian Sang and Christopher Martin star in the highly anticipated Jamaican film 'Destiny'.

Beautifully crafted and exe-cuted, the big-screen debut of Jamaican filmmaker Jeremy Whittaker, Destiny, offers a refreshing approach, showcasing the best of Jamaica - from the star-studded cast of celebrities and pulsating soundtrack to seductive tropical scenery and rib-tickling humour.

Centred around family, love and music, Destiny provides each member of the audience with something to relate to, whether Jamaican or not.

Starring Karian Sang, Sabrina Diana Colie, Christopher Martin, Kerstin Whittaker, Grace 'Spice' Hamilton, Ian 'Ity' Ellis, Muniar Zacca and Lyndon Forte, Destiny follows the turbulent life of Lisa, a recent college graduate from Toronto who makes a return visit to Jamaica. Also making cameo appearances are the inimitable Miss Kitty and artistes Tifa and Mavado, among others. The Grasshopper Productions romantic drama is directed, produced and co-written by Jeremy Whittaker, Paul O. Beale serves as co-writer, while Lilieth Johnson-Whittaker executive produced the film alongside Whittaker.