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It is not only the party

Published:Friday | October 31, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Collin Hines

It is not only the party series' track record that he is depending on, but also the disc jockey line-up of himself, Collin Hines and Señor Daley. Over the years, the disc jockeys Krazy Kris has called on have been enthusiastic. "Most of the DJs have a collection of soul they don't get to play. Most of them don't have a show they can get to play so many slow jams," Krazy Kris said.

He does. "I am a lover of soul music from birth. When I started at KOOL, I began a Monday show from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. which is all soul. It was well received," he said. "We call it Lovers' Monday."

Then, before Reasons started, Kris held a birthday party which went over well, with many requests for a repeat. However, doing it as a regular event would require a format. "There were dancehall parties, retro and so on, so I decided to do a soul party. When I looked at the market, I decided if I did something else, it would be just another party," he said.

He did not want a name which simply stated the soul format; Reasons made the cut as the name of one of the biggest slow jams from Earth, Wind and Fire. There were other venues between Waterfalls and Jewels, as Reasons was also staged at Curphey Place and The Building.

Apart from the format, another constant at Reasons has been the gender balance at the party, as the women have always outnumbered the men several times over. Plus, Krazy Kris said, "They really dress up. They get a chance to put on good clothes and come out."

Not that the men have not made their presence felt. "We have had a couple proposals (over the microphone) at Reasons. I got word it will be happening again tomorrow night," Kris said.

In the earlier years, Reasons attracted an audience of mostly persons 35 years old and up. However, over the past three years, Krazy Kris said he has been seeing persons as young as 18. "People like that it is safe. Nobody is in any hype. It is all about love and being loving, so it is super-safe," he said.

And it is not monotonous. "What a lot of people don't understand is that you have uptempo soul, the slow soul and the mid-way. How we play, you have to be dancing or singing. You must have a reason," Krazy Kris said.

Tickets cost $800 presold and are available at Woody's Restaurant in Naggo Head and on Passage Fort Drive in Portmore, as well as Jewels and KOOL's Braemar Avenue, New Kingston, office.