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Album release party for Etana in NY

Published:Monday | November 3, 2014 | 12:00 AM
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Etana 'The Strong One', has returned with a phenomenal fourth studio album, I Rise (VP Records). The latest effort from the soulful reggae songbird is dubbed one of her best and most mature albums to date. To celebrate the long-awaited release, Irish and Chin and VP Records have teamed up to host the official I Rise album release party at the legendary SOB's (New York, New York) on Monday, November 17, where Etana will take centre stage in the famed venue to deliver a stellar performance of music from her new album.

During the official I Rise album release party, all in attendance will soak in the vibes of an up-close-and-personal set by Etana. According to co-host and event producers Irish and Chin, one of the best ways to reach the massive with reggae music is through grassroots promotions. Notably, the I Rise release party will afford fans a first-hand, live album experience. If they were not before, members of the audience will inevitably become believers after witnessing 'The Strong One' sing live. Adding to the already highly anticipated show, Etana will incorporate a small horn section, which will spice up the vibes even more.

I Rise boasts a rich montage of genuine roots reggae music, primarily due to top producer Clive Hunt lending his production expertise to the exceptional project. The refined yet bubbly Etana says, "I am excited about Clive Hunt's arrangements and the extremely talented musicians he collaborated with to make the huge sound on this album possible."

Deep lyrics

For Etana, it's not just the actual music that thrills her about I Rise. She says, "There is remarkable depth in the lyrics on I Rise. I honestly didn't realise it until I listened to the album in its entirety. Come to think about it, I am excited about everything on this album."

Reggae music fans and critics alike have heralded the music from I Rise, citing many of the album's selections as favourites. To date, the steamy singles Trigger and Richest Girl have been released from the album. Both songs have generated a huge buzz, causing fans to want more! With 15 dynamic tracks to choose from, listeners will not be disappointed.

Etana, given name Shauna McKenzie, burst on the musical scene in the early 2000's. But it was the groundbreaking first single, Wrong Address, that exposed Etana's raw talent to the world. Followed by a string of successful singles and four studio albums to date, Etana has cemented a permanent position in the reggae music industry. Through great music with meaning, Etana has reached the world with her powerful