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Nesbeth has eyes set on 'Victory'

Published:Monday | November 3, 2014 | 12:00 AM

In this exciting time of reggae resurgence, Entertainment Soul has announced Nesbeth's highly anticipated upcoming Victory EP.

Although it may feel as if the conscious reggae singer took a musical hiatus, Nesbeth has steadily continued his musical journey by drawing from life and penning an arsenal of new music. Recently signing with the London-based label, Entertainment Soul, Nesbeth is feeling revitalised and ready to share himself through his music with the world. "I see the songs as parts of my body, each playing a significant role," he says.

Delighted on the creative control given to him by his new label, Victory represents a more mature side of Nesbeth. When recording Victory, it is evident Nesbeth was on a mission to uplift the people and assist listeners to find a sense of motivation and perseverance through his music. On this five-track EP, each single has a special message. The lead single, Taste Victory, is an inspiring single that many can relate to when feeling like they have hit rock bottom, but are able yet to taste that victorious day approaching.

The fourth track (and instant 'gratification' track for buyers of the iTunes pre-order on November 4) Hundu Lay Lay, gives listeners a warm and soulful feel of Africa, with it's uplifting tribal drum and vocal rhythms. But it speaks of trouble in the land and enormous strength among it's people, drawing eerie echoes of current affairs, whilst Nesbeth chants, 'Hundu Lay Lay', throughout the chorus.

A joint collaboration from some of reggae music's prominent producers, Nesbeth also took on the role of producer while recording Victory. In conjunction with Merrick Shaw, Nesbeth wrote the five tracks, each showing a different style. The EP was proudly produced by DJ Frass (Taste Victory), Merrick Shaw (Even Though) and Nesbeth himself. Nesbeth hopes that his musical message will be heard and shared.

"I want to make music that will stand the test of time. With Victory, I want to anoint the oppressor and the oppressed. I hope all these songs reach out to the masses and inspire the nation to strive for their victory. Word sound is power."

Distributed by Zojak Worldwide, Victory will be available on all digital platforms on Monday, November 17.