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New film in honor of Apache Chief

Published:Thursday | November 6, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Contributed Craig Kirkland
File Apache Chief (left) and Sarge
File Apache Chief (left) and Sarge

Local film director Craig 'Amaziyah The Great' Kirkland is gearing up to release a comedic film to pay homage to iconic comedian Apache Chief, who died in 2013. Born Garnet Allen, Apache Chief and his former partner, Sarge, were popular faces in the entertainment industry, and were featured on several notable events, including Pepsi Teen Splash.

Kirkland recently told The Gleaner that his production company, 'Amaziyah The Great Films', was in the process of filming the project with Apache Chief and Sarge before the comedian's illness took a turn for the worst.

"Jamaica has not seen this film before and we want to share this experience with all Jamaicans. The film has the original Apache Chief and I have footage that has never been seen before. This was a man that paved the way for stand-up comedy in Jamaica, so we had to make it right," Kirkland said.

The 20-minute film is called Natty Ragu and Flimsy, and according to the director, he and his business associates had to make do with the material they had already captured, before Apache Chief passed away.

"Me and Apache Chief are from the same community and we both had interest in entertainment. So because we were from the same circle we were able to build a relationship and vibe. I met Sarge later and I ended up going to their shows and documenting their performances through photos and videos," he said.

The director says fans of Jamaican comedy can expect a professionally produced and entertaining package. Curious persons can also view the official trailer for the film by visiting the official YouTube page called GreatAmaziyah.

Natty Ragu and Flimsy, the film, will not be released on DVD until further notice. However, Kirkland encourages interested persons to attend the Star Fame Film festival which will be hosted at Lloydie Peak Complex, 12 Frazer's Boulevard, Frazer's Content in Spanish Town on November 22, if they want to watch the film's premiere.

strong and jovial

"It was a sad experience when Apache Chief passed on. Even when he was ill and I visited him in the hospital, he still portrayed a strong and jovial character. There are so many things we planned and wanted to do, but supporting this film at the festival will make a part of our previous dreams come true," Kirkland said.

The film also features aspiring local actors Joseph Allen, Sharon Rose, Alvin Wallen and co-stars Sarge. The Star Fame Film festival will also feature other films from aspiring Jamaican directors and will carry a barbecue element. Tickets cost $800 and will allow holders access to watch all films aired at the festival.