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Support Anita on 'The Voice', say Mr Vegas, Nikki Z

Published:Sunday | November 16, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Mr Vegas
Nikki Z

Despite advancing to the top 12 of vocal competition 'The Voice', Jamaican-born Anita Antoinette has not been receiving the expected support - something Nikki Z and Mr Vegas find to be disgraceful.

Although Antoinette has been impressive, the support from her countrymen and those in the Caribbean has been lacking, according to dancehall artiste Mr Vegas, who posted a two-minute video on Facebook last Wednesday, urging persons to vote for the young singer.

"If you born a Jamaica or inna the West Indies, you are a Jamaican or West Indian. Mi a watch 'The Voice' and mi a watch the energy weh the people in the West Indies and Jamaica showing Anita. A lot of us don't even know there is a Jamaican on 'The Voice' because there is no crazy hype, there is no buzz, nobody nah talk bout it," he said in the video that got about 3,000 likes and 500 comments.

"Nobody nah go crazy bout it. She have talent; she a gwaan good; she inna the top 12 and mi nuh see nobody a go crazy. Mi nuh see nobody a seh 'Vote! Vote! Vote!' Mi nuh see nobody a post pon dem Facebook. Only one and two people a dweet. Mi nuh see no crazy buzz weh people a call off mi phone."


Mr Vegas says it is important for those in the Caribbean and those of Caribbean heritage to throw their support behind Anita just like they did for Tessanne Chin, which helped to win the same competition last year.

"Mi remember when Tessanne Chin enter 'The Voice' and people call mi and a ask if mi vote, and all now, one person nuh call mi yet, enuh. You done know Tessanne a my girl weh mi rate straight as the best singer inna the world, but you see the love weh wi show Tessanne, mi waan you show all a da love deh to Anita, too, because she is a Jamaican, she is a West Indian. If is a Jamaican singer, no matter which part she live. We need fi represent fi har. Big up yuhself Anita. Yuh a gwaan good," he said.

Nikki Z has been in Anita's corner from the beginning and has been making numerous posts in support of her via social media. So far, she said she has seen support from acts like Shaggy, Gramps Morgan, Lady Saw, and Tessanne Chin. But for the most part, she said the lack of support has been disgraceful.

"I think it is embarrassing. It reiterates the fact that the culture has been leaning towards hype rather than talent. At the same time, I am grateful and Anita is grateful for the support, even if it comes late," she told The Sunday Gleaner.

Nikki Z, however, stressed that she was not forcing anyone to support Anita but to simply listen to her and give her a chance.

"Just watch the show ... . Show her that you want her to spread that message of positivity and strength. Pay attention ... . Look and celebrate talent that is repping Jamaica in a positive light. She deserves a fair shot," Nikki Z said.