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Chardavid teams with Stitchie, Judy Mowatt for Canadian tour

Published:Wednesday | November 19, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Colin Levy, aka 'Iley Dread'. - Contributed
Judy Mowatt

Conscious Rastafarian singer Chardavid, aka 'Iley Dread', is eagerly anticipating his upcoming tour of Canada which will see him breaking new and exciting ground, as the baptised singer teams up with internationally acclaimed gospel favourites Stitchie and Judy Mowatt.

The tour, which kicks off on New Year's Eve in Toronto, Canada, is titled 'Songs of Praise' and takes its name from the singer's soon-to-be-released, full-length album, a project which has been in the works since 2014. Among the offerings on the album, titled Chardavid Songs of Praise, are Closer To You, and Mama Prayer, two songs that have been generating great response from critics and fans alike.

Chardavid, whose real name is Colin Levy, while refusing to label this new album as 'gospel', admits that it is in fact chock-full of praises to the Most High and is a reaffirmation of his own personal conviction, which led him to be baptised more than two years ago and pledge to faithfully attend church every Sunday, "as long as it is humanly possible".

According to Chardavid, "This tour with Lt Stitchie, Sister Judy and others who will be added to the line-up, is really a fulfilment of a desire that has been part of me for a very long time. We have a synergy that is unmatched and a common goal of ministering through music. This is another defining moment in my career and I am embracing it."

With regards to his Christian baptism, he said, "As a true Rastafarian, I accept the teachings of His Imperial Majesty, who also owns the title 'Defender of the Christian Faith', so this clearly shows the eternal harmony and compatibility between Christianity and Rastafari."

The tour will make its way throughout the major cities of Canada, including Toronto, Montreal, Ontario, and some coastal cities.