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Runaway Bay's 'Jewel' shines bright

Published:Tuesday | November 25, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Most Talented contestant in the Mr and Miss Jewel Runaway Bay 2014 competition Mishka Williams performs her scintillating dub poetry piece.
The Most Talented Male in the Mr and Miss Jewel Runaway Bay 2014, Michael Spencer, performing a series of dance moves at the event last Saturday night.
Mr and Miss Jewel Runaway Bay 2014 Mishka Williams and Michael Spencer stand together in victory at the event's inaugural staging at the St Ann resort last Saturday night. - Photos by Janet Silvera
The winner of the Miss Jewel Runaway Bay 2014, Mishka Williams (centre) is flanked by first runner-up Latoya Powell (left) and Nastassia Spencer, second runner-up, at the event's inaugural staging.
Mr Jewel Runaway Bay 2014, Michael Spencer (centre), sitting pretty while first runner-up Leonardo Harrison (left) and second runner-up Jomo Meeks share in the occasion during the staging of the inaugural event last Saturday night in St Ann.

Janet Silvera, Gleaner Writer

Shining bright as a diamond, it was an incredibly multitalented Mishka Williams, who surpassed her co-workers to take the inaugural 2014 Miss Jewel Runaway Bay crown last Saturday night in St Ann.

Her male counterpart, Michael Spencer, was just as outstanding, trouncing four other competitors to take home the historic title in what could only be described as a top-class production at the Runaway Bay family resort.

Williams, from the entertainment department, copped 'Most Talented', 'Most Creative', 'Most Aware', and 'Best Smile' in the sectional prizes segment of the competition, exceeding all expectations, while showing supremacy over the other eight contestants.

Stiff Competition

While Spencer, representing the landscaping department, received stiff competition from first- and second-place runners-up Leonardo Harrison and Jomo Meeks, there was no barrier or mountain that Williams could not climb.

Williams used a 'Rest in Peace Poverty' signpost and a cross bearing the inscription 'Struggles' to showcase her path to success in a dub poetry piece that had the judges and the audience in awe. Using CDs, Christmas lights, feathers, wires, and an umbrella, she crafted a creative piece of who, she said, was as an individual, displaying her inner strength.

"The CDs show the love and passion I have for music, which is an expression of life. The Christmas lights showcase my sparkling charisma and confidence. The feathers represent my unique style of fashion. The wires represent my firm foundation, and the umbrella is my faith and trust in God."

Clear Winner

When it was the time for her to show her awareness, she threw all the other contestants off the curb with her intellectually stimulating response.

The lover of escoveitched fish, rice and peas, pizza, and shrimp had the judges locked in throughout the entire evening. Those who also made an impression included first runner-up Latoya Powell, who responded exceptionally well on whether she would support the distribution of condoms in schools; and second runner-up Nastassia Spencer, whose 'Rapunzel' talent piece was a reminder of a young Joan Andrea Hutchinson.

The men were just as exciting to watch. Their creative pieces and talent performances brought the most amount of laughter and admiration from the audience.

Spencer had to work hard to trounce Jomo Meeks in the talent segment and even harder to take home the coveted prize from Harrison.

The Most Congenial contestant was Javanie Green and Most Disciplined, Anthony Walters. The People's Choice Award went to Chevel Grant.