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Reeva Ann Proctor, Canada's reggae PR queen

Published:Sunday | November 30, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Reeva Ann Proctor

Carl Gilchrist, Gleaner Writer

Her Jamaican connection goes back to Steer Town in St Ann, where her grandfather was from. So, today, even though she might physically be thousands of kilometres away in Canada, Reeva Ann Proctor maintains a firm connection with the land of reggae.

At 26 years old, her memories of reggae go back to the 1980s and '90s when her rides in her grandparents' car would be sweetened by the rhythmic sounds of reggae music coming through the speakers.

She fell in love with the music, and from then, her dreams of being involved in reggae music took a firm grip. Today, she is well on her way and is now living that dream.

In 2010, while helping young Canadian artistes promote their music via social media outlets and online forums, Proctor was approached about doing public relations.

Months later, after educating herself, Proctor launched her PR company, YuhSeeYou Entertainment and Publicity.

With the help of Tripledose Productions, which currently manages Jah Vinci and I.Q., Proctor was able to land her first public relations contract with I.Q. and was introduced to some of her closest contacts, which she has maintained to this day.

Multiple clients

YuhSeeYou Entertainment and Publicity has worked with prominent artistes like I-Octane, Richie Loop, Exco Levi, and Bridgez, as well as established producers JonFX and Supahype.

In 2013, in an attempt to reach a broader market, Proctor renamed her company Empowerment Media Group. She has, however, kept YuhSeeYou as the name of her label.

She continues to work with Montreal's Little Thunder Sound and is also currently working with multi-faceted dancehall artiste-producer, Hitmaker and DeeWunn from Ward 21's BadaBada Gang.

Through her hard work and dedication, Proctor has built a successful career, and her reputation has grown to the point where she is now one of Canada's most prominent publicists as it relates to Jamaican music culture.

Popularly known as Miss Reeva, Proctor is also referred to as the 'Girl with the Jamaican Tattoo' (she has the Jamaican flag tattooed on her left arm). She launched, at the beginning of October, her column series and new website, Miss Reeva's Corner.

Miss Reeva's Corner, though also a website updating visitors on current happenings in Jamaican pop culture, is a series of various columns and articles. Each column series will be featured in different magazines and newspapers across the world with some content exclusive to the website. Currently, there are three columns which are fully developed. 'Let's Talk Music Business', 'Who Runs The World? Girls!', and 'On the Road with ...'.

"As of right now, 'Who Runs the World? Girls!' has garnered a lot of attention from media individuals, though the series is yet to be released," Proctor stated.

Among the artistes to be interviewed for the website are Ce'Cile, Lady G, Toian, and Suku from Ward 21.