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Published:Monday | December 8, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Karrueche Tran
Chris Brown
Amber Rose
One Direction
Nicki Minaj
  • Chris Brown makes two-timing accusations

Chris Brown has accused Karrueche Tran of going on dates with Drake while he was in jail.

The Loyal singer confirmed he has split from his on-off girlfriend at the Cali Christmas concert on Friday night and has now hit out at his former flame, arguing she didn't offer him sufficient support when he spent time in jail earlier this year for a probation violation.

Chris, 25 years old, wrote on Instagram: "We've got scars. Some of them u gave me, some of them I've caused. That ride or die act we have been fooling the world with obviously ain't working.

"I was locked up for damn near 4 months and only got 1 visit from you while u was hosting parties and taking secret trips to Toronto, going on dates with Drake!"

In June 2012, Chris and rapper Drake were involved in a scuffle at the WIP nightclub in SoHo, New York City, during which eight people were injured.

  • Butt of the joke

Nicki Minaj spoofed Kim Kardashian West's nude photoshoot for Paper magazine during an episode of Saturday Night Live.

The Anaconda hitmaker was supposed to provide the musical entertainment on the popular comedy show - with Hollywood star James Franco hosting - but it was Nicki who ultimately stole the show with her impersonations.

Nicki, 31 years old, teased Kim during the Weekend Update section of the show, as she pretended to be the reality TV star talking about her eye-catching photos, which she promised would break the Internet.

Nicki pretended to be 34-year-old Kim expressing her fury over how "the entire thing was completely misinterpreted". Shortly afterwards, Nicki had her face projected on to the infamous image of Kim exposing her breasts.

However, Nicki joked that the pictures had the backgrounds removed and that she was, in fact, being examined by a doctor rather than posing for cameras.

  • Ladies' tales on Mel B

Mel B's former lesbian lover has revealed that she was like a "wife" to her.

Christa Parker, 42 years old, admitted that the pair - who met when their children attended the same Hollywood school - quickly became "inseparable".

She said: "When I first saw Mel, I didn't know who she was. I felt a vibe, like kindred souls, I guess. But I never imagined it was going to escalate. "I had never been in a relationship with a woman or even had a female crush. But our children became friends, and after a while, we became inseparable, too."

The Wannabe hitmaker was open about her sexuality, according to Christa, and regularly shared details about her experiences with girls.

Christa said: "I knew she had dated women before, and she would always tell me, 'You need to try new things'. She knew I wasn't happy - my partner and I had been together for six years and we fought like crazy. She would tell me about experiences she had with girls. She told me her last girlfriend, Christine Crokos, had got too possessive and they broke up."

A spokesman for Mel has denied that the pair were ever formally together. They told The Sun on Sunday: "Mel has never been in a relationship with Crista. Any suggestion that she has is fabrication."

  • Stay in One Direction

Danny O'Donoghue has advised One Direction to stay together. His comments come just days after sources revealed that Zayn Malik, 21 years old, was struggling with their quick fame.

The Script frontman told the Daily Star Sunday newspaper: "If I was advising them, I would tell them to stick together as long as possible.

It should be the band against the world. You have to stick together, protect each other and look after each other. Maybe they need an extended break, but I wouldn't advise them to split."

Meanwhile, an insider recently revealed how Zayn - who is part of the chart-topping band, alongside Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, and Liam Payne - has become "exhausted and sick of fame" in light of the recent drug allegations.

They said previously: "Awful situations like this one, when he's accused of being a drug addict, are exactly why he's had enough. Zayn gets overwhelmed and has always found fame really hard to deal with. It hits him more at certain times than others, and it's bad right now. He gets so homesick. His family are so close, and he hates that he never gets to see them."

The source added: "Zayn feels like he's given so much of his life to the band and is cut off from everything.

  • Bare truth from Amber

Amber Rose feels sexiest when she's naked.

The 31-year-old beauty, who filed for divorce from her hip-hop superstar husband Wiz Khalifa earlier this year, has revealed she feels at her most attractive when she's not wearing any clothes. Amber shared: "I feel sexiest when I'm naked. I'm all natural. I don't have fake boobs or a fake butt."

Amber, who has previously dated Kanye West, also revealed the traits she finds most attractive in a man. She told Oyster Magazine: "Anyone who can make me laugh can [capture] my heart, for sure."

Amber also revealed she drinks "whenever I feel like it" and never wants to be asked "to have a threesome", explaining she "[doesn't] share".

The curvaceous star - who has a 22-month-old son, Sebastian, by her estranged husband - explained what she has learned from her previous relationships. She said: "Not to give too much of myself ... . Save some for just me."

This comes shortly after Nick Cannon - the estranged husband of Mariah Carey - denied having any romance with Amber. In an interview with BBC Radio 1Xtra, Nick said: "I have not done a 'ting' with Amber Rose. It's the truth, it's the truth."