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From Facebook to Sting stage

Published:Monday | December 15, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Wally British
Sting boss Isaiah Laing.

... Wally British in high demand

Shereita Grizzle, Gleaner Writer

When the year started, Susan Williams, a young lady hailing from Portland, was relatively unknown to the rest of the island. Fast-forward 11 months and the talented young Jamaican has not only managed to use her wit and creativity to win the hearts of many Jamaicans, but in the process, has established a sustainable career in Jamaica's entertainment industry. What started from hilarious posts on Facebook turned into video blogs that would eventually go viral, catapulting Williams into the world of show business and, ultimately, fame as comedic sensation, Wally British.

In an interview with The Gleaner, Wally British revealed that her rise to fame took her by surprise, as it was never her intention to make a career from 'speaking her mind'. "Comedy wasn't something I was looking into," she said. "It started with me posting statuses on Facebook merely speaking my mind, and people thought they were funny. Then I thought, why not do some videos because you can't say all you want through a status."

Didn't see it as career

Though her story is somewhat similar to the rise of Internet sensation Dutty Berry, British revealed that it wasn't until she started gaining recognition from a large number of supporters that she was made aware of others like herself. "I didn't even know there was something called blogging," she explained. "I was just doing videos for fun and then I started hearing of people like Dutty Berry, Trabbass and Kevin2Crazy, who were doing the same thing, but like many of them, I wasn't looking at it as a career."

Despite the establishment of such a career coming as a surprise to her, British has found herself in high demand since the start of the year and, with the Christmas season in full swing, bookings have been amped up 100 per cent, but British revealed that the show she is most looking forward to this season is Sting. Dubbed the 'Greatest One-night Show on Earth', British could hardly contain her excitement as she spoke about the day she got the call from Sting's main man, Isaiah Laing. "Someone from his team called and put me on to him, and he told me that he was interested in having me as part of the show and, of course, I said yes." She went on to reveal that the call didn't come as a total surprise, because she used her initiative to help her get what she wanted. "I had sent out a video aimed at the Sting promoters, telling Mr Laing fi cut mi loose and asked my fans to help get it out there, so when he called, I wasn't totally surprised. It still is an honour though."

Though the details surrounding her appearance and possible duties on the night of December 26 have not yet been finalised, British says she suspects she will be carrying out hosting duties and revealed that she was humbled by the opportunity. "When opportunities present themselves you can't back down, even if it will throw you into a world you weren't fully prepared for... you just have to go with the flow." Going with the flow, British explained, came natural, as her personality has always been her standout quality. "I think the reason people were attracted to my work was because they could relate to it and they saw that I wasn't pretending, it was me being me."