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C.A.T.E.S hopes to restore Christmas values

Published:Sunday | December 21, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Omar Francis

St Catherine's youth outfit, 'Crawle's Advancement Through Education and Sustainable development' C.A.T.E.S, is gearing up to host a carol service at the Riversdale Community Centre in St Catherine this evening.

The carol service is being hosted under the theme, 'Church - the Youth's Moral Compass', and according to the president of C.A.T.E.S, Omar Francis, the service is intended to aid in youth development.

"This service is a part of our motive to provide holistic and spiritual development, because we believe any positive development needs spiritualism. We want to get the church involved especially in the Christmas season, because Christmas ought to have a strong spiritual component," he said.

All performances at the service will feature churches from St Catherine. There will be no admission fee. Gates to the Riversdale Community Centre will open at 5 p.m.

According to Francis, the current goal is to make the service an annual project.

"It is critical to the season, because we have commercialised Christmas so much to the point where persons have forgotten that it was actually the celebration of the birthday of Jesus Christ. The church is a medium which can restore the value system in our society, whether you are a direct member or not. We are also trying to get youths to find role models in the church, rather than resorting to rappers and other entertainers who glorify negativity," Francis said.