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Delcita says goodbye to theatre

Published:Sunday | December 21, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Delcita (right) arguing with Diamond in the play, 'Courthouse Drama'. - Contributed

Shereita Grizzle, Gleaner Writer

Her wittiness and fierce originality not only brought laughter into the lives of countless Jamaicans in and around the diaspora, but also made her a standout act in the theatre industry.

Over the years, her character has gained her thousands of fans and a loyal following, but those fans are in for a bit of shock and disappointment, as Andrea Wright, more popularly known as Delcita, has decided to close the curtains on an illustrious theatre career.

"I love the theatre, but at some point, everyone has to step away from the spotlight and make a personal assessment of their position and that's what I did," she said.

Pointing out that support for the theatre industry has dwindled over the years, Wright says many persons who have stayed in theatre in Jamaica, have either ended up broke or have become irrelevant to the public.

"The theatre business can be very hectic and if persons don't take their 'cue' from early, they're going to suffer. I just want to preserve myself."

Thanks fans

Taking the time to thank her fans for their support over the years, Wright says she hopes that they will understand her decision.

"I know my fans will be disappointed, some may even think it's a joke, but it's not," she explained.

"Come May, I will be leaving the theatre scene completely."

Wright says she will now focus her attention on establishing a career in another field she holds dear to her heart, guidance and counselling.

"I have always loved it and now I can get the time to focus on it wholeheartedly, so a regular 9-5 may be where I'm headed."

Although her exit from the theatre is a surety, fans will get the opportunity to see Delcita in action for the last time. The new play, written and directed by Wright herself, is titled Miss Elsayda, and will be shown from Christmas Day until January 2, making several stops across the island including Old Harbour, Santa Cruz, Kingston and Clarendon. In her final production, Wright's character explores several issues including sexuality, child-rearing and marriage. The play features Andrea Wright, Joanna Johnson, Melisha Holness, Samuel Keldo, Robert Hanchard and Damion Smith. After the Christmas season, the show will take a brief break before it begins its run in other Caribbean countries.

Now that she has time on her hands, Wright says she will finally get the chance to finish an autobiography she started some years ago. "That's something I started for the fans, but didn't get a chance to finish... but now they can look out for that."