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The best of Christmas recalled

Published:Wednesday | December 24, 2014 | 12:00 AM
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When was your most memorable Christmas?

Christmas is one of the busiest times of the year for top performers, but even as they go to work entertaining others, they remember the best of times, when they experienced Christmas joy. The Gleaner has collected some of these Yuletide memories to share with you.

I don't know which Christmas was my best, but I think this Christmas is going to be one of the best. The year was a good year and my daughter now understands what Christmas is about and I see the excitement on her face when she sees the light and the Christmas tree and all of those things. So the fact that I can experience this Christmas with her, knowing that she has an understanding of what Christmas is and represents, it makes it more special for me this year because of her being able to enjoy the festivities. So I think this Christmas will be my Christmas for that reason.

It would have to be this Christmas. Accepting Jesus and the whole transformation, it has been a blessing. I am happy and I am at peace ... just wonderful, the best year so far. Everything around me just a flow. It's just nice doing good work and being obedient and the feeling is priceless.

The Dancehall Queen predicts that this Christmas will be her most memorable yet, because of the work she will be doing through her recently launched foundation. "This will definitely be it. My most memorable moments in the past have been where I cook and everyone comes to enjoy it. I love cooking, so it gives me joy to do that every year. This year, it will be a little different. I will be cooking, but this year it will be for the homeless people in the Half-Way Tree and downtown Kingston area. Just the thought of helping, going out and feeding these people, gives me joy and purpose, so I'm looking forward to it."

My most memorable Christmas moment would bring me back to when I was about 17 years old, when my dad took all of us as siblings to the shop and told us to take up whatever we want. We got racing cars with remote, and that was like the first episode of racing cars with remote. And we get new shoes and new clothes. As a likkle country boy in Portland, when you get that, is like you go to foreign and back. It was a major thing for me.

Growing up in Spanish Town, my greatest joy, besides getting new clothes from my mom, was going to the Christmas market with my siblings and seeing the Christmas tree lighting in the park, blowing up my balloons, buying toys and just seeing the excitement. It was always us as a family together, and my mother cooking up a storm and sharing and giving. It was so much fun; if we could only bring back those days.

My most memorable Christmas experience was in 2007. That was the first Christmas I spent with my nephew. He was a new addition to the family and such a ball of goodness, and it was just an overall blessing."

Singer RR is predicting that this Christmas will be her most memorable one to date. "I got to make a memorable mark on the industry as an up-and-coming artiste, and just last week, while performing with Mavado in New York, I was told that I would be featured on his 2015 album. This change has definitely been for the better after a downward spiral of losing a fiancÈ in 2011 and a cousin just one day after my birthday.