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She's 'Hot' on everyone's 'Lipz'

Published:Sunday | December 28, 2014 | 12:00 AM
UK-born artiste, Janette Armstrong, aka Hot Lipz. - Photo by Jermaine Barnaby/Photographer

Davina Henry, Staff Reporter

Though she is fairly new on the deejaying scene, UK-born Janette Armstrong, who goes by the name Hot Lipz, is making her mark as a selector on the local music scene. Having got her start as a fashion designer, Hot Lipz told The Sunday Gleaner that, since being in Jamaica, her fan base has increased enormously.

"I worked in fashion for 30-odd years and I've been deejaying for two years. I found Kerry Ann Clarke of Kerry Man.Woman.Home, and she asked me to do a fashion seminar because I had previously worked as the head of quality management for French Connection, and I had told her that I wanted to help the designers in the Caribbean. She heard I was also a deejay, so she asked me to deejay at Collection Moda at the cocktail party, and from there, it has escalated humongously. It has been unbelievable," Hot Lipz said.

Armstrong says the transition from fashion to music has been a "natural progression" for her, as it has been a lifelong dream.

"For me, fashion and music connect quite well, and so it's just another expression of me. I've always loved music since I was a little girl. I've always wanted to be a deejay and I'm finally doing it quite a few years later. The transition has not been that difficult, because it's an expression of myself."

With 'funky music' being her speciality, Armstrong says she is able to roll with the punches and adapt to whatever genre is required.

"The reception I've received has been amazing. Absolutely amazing. In London, I've got a radio show and I've played in several clubs such as Ibiza and Pasha, and that's pretty cool. But now, I've been getting a lot of shows and people have been coming up to me saying, 'You're awesome' and 'You're the best deejay in Jamaica', and it has really blown me out of the water."

Future goals

Questioned as to what her goals for the future were, Armstrong said she also had plans of becoming a radio disc jock.

"My ultimate goal is to live in Jamaica, help out in the fashion industry, and play all over the Caribbean as a deejay. I think I'm very, very close in achieving this goal. I just need to get my fashion contacts up and running even more, because basically, the music is gonna pay for my fashion work. I really want to help out the young designers. I came to Jamaica just for the Collection MODA show, but because I've been getting so many deejaying gigs, I don't know when I'm going back home," she told The Sunday Gleaner.