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Too late for Starr time

Published:Tuesday | December 30, 2014 | 12:00 AMShereita Grizzle
Brian McCalla/Freelance Photographer L'John Epps (left) and Melissa Pierce of Atlantic Starr.
Brian McCalla/Freelance Photographer Ken Boothe relivering a strong set at the LIME Golf Academy, New Kingston, on Saturday night.
Brian McCalla/Freelance Photographer Members of the crowd at Saturday night's R&B Reggae Concert at the LIME Golf Academy, New Kingston, stand to enjoy a performance.
Brian McCalla/Freelance Photographer Audience members react to the musiic.
Brian McCalla/Freelance Photographer Wayne Lewis of Atlantic Starr performs at the LIME Golf Academy, New Kingston, during Saturday night's R&B Reggae Concert.
Brian McCalla/Freelance Photographer Heather'“B'rown Sugar' Grant was decked out for the occassion.
Brian McCalla/Freelance Photographer Derrick Harriott (right, wirth Chris McDonald, performing at Saturday night's R&B Reggae Concert, held at the LIME Golf Academy, New Kingstion, on Saturday night.

There was a huge build-up ahead of Saturday night's R&B Reggae Concert at the LIME Golf Academy, New Kingston, but by night's end, patrons left disappointed, many claiming that it was one of the worst-organised shows they had ever attended.

With international R&B group Atlantic Starr the concert's headline act, couples poured into the venue hoping to be swept away by sweet soul music. However, their mood turned sour after the show's start was delayed for over two hours. Scheduled to begin at 8 p.m., the event did not get started until some minutes after 10 p.m., with the promoters attributing the tardiness to technical difficulties and equipment issues.

While the band desperately tried to sort things out on stage, The Gleaner spoke to a few patrons, who said they had been waiting patiently at the LIME Golf Academy from as early as 6 p.m. when the gates opened and were simply growing frustrated with the poor organisation.


However, the crowd erupted into cheers when Lloyd Parkes, leader of Lloyd Parkes and the We the People Band, took the microphone to signal the show's start. For people who had been waiting well over two hours, the crowd seemed very forgiving - or they had been waiting so long that they were happy with any kind of musical action.

The experienced backing band managed to keep any remaining angry feelings in check as it thrilled with a slew of classic reggae hits, leading the audience in a lively singalong before handing over to the night's first solo act, T Rizzy. The 2014 Digicel Rising Stars winner, known for his old-school tendencies, did well to keep things going as he did Dennis Brown's Here I Come before transitioning into his version of John Legend's All of Me.

However, it was Delilah that earned T Rizzy his biggest response of the night before he made way for Jodian Pantry. As the only solo female performer for the night, the singer held her own and kept the momentum going as she attempted a Whitney Houston classic (which, based on the crowd's response, she handled well).

Pantry made way for Noddy Virtue, whose smooth vocals had the audience screaming throughout his set. After performing solo, Virtue called Pantry back to the stage and the two rendered a soulful performance of Bed of Roses.

George Nooks was one of the night's highlights. The veteran singer got many persons in the crowd out of their seats and clustered in front of the stage as he delivered an energetic set. It was a segment which also saw the audience being invited to church as Nooks did popular gospel hits before making his exit.

He made way for Ken Boothe, who was a class act as expected. The veteran entertainer gave the audience a good show, performing some of his most popular hits, including Lady With the Starlight, When I Fall In love, Everything I Own, and Silver Words, earning an encore.

Derrick Harriott also did well to keep things moving on a night that started out badly.

It was now time for the headline act to perform, and although it was now some minutes to 1:00 a.m., the crowd was ready to be thrilled. Atlantic Starr thanked the crowd for exercising patience earlier on and promised to give a good show to make up, and that they did. With hits such as Always, Masterpiece, and Secret Lovers, favourites among Jamaicans - the visitors could do no wrong.

However, despite several standout performances, members of the crowd still left disappointed, stating they had waited too long to get their money's worth.