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I wish...

Published:Thursday | January 1, 2015 | 12:00 AM
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The New Year has arrived and as many dust off the old and look forward to new opportunities and attaining new goals, entertainers and members of the fraternity have shared with The Gleaner their hopes and wishes for 2015.

Ibo Cooper: To have a better reggae month. This is the seventh year and we want to have a reggae village, so that we can have visitors here for the entire month. We want to increase the brand and to build Jamaican tourism through our music.

Chuck Fenda: My resolution is to continue doing Jah work and promote positive lifestyle through my music. Also in 2015, I want to showcase new reggae and dancehall artistes because the new year also needs new faces of value where music is concerned.

DJ Sunshine: I want to continue making solid productions and adding positivity to the music industry and Jamaica at large. I also want to work on being a better person in 2015.

Super Beagle: I just want health and strength and everything else will come. I also want peace in the world; it's far from possible but I am hoping for it. I also want to drop my album in 2015.

Chakka Demus: What I want is for the New Year to catch me working. My year will start in my recording studio, because that is how I want my 2015 to be, just consistent work.

Barrington Levy: For 2015, I would love to see Jamaica become more productive in terms of contributing worldwide. I would also like if the people would contribute more to the positive growth of the country. As it relates to my career, I have a new acoustic album to drop in 2015 and would love if the world would gravitate to it.

Dutty Berry: My resolution is to be more proactive and to once and for all get six-pack abs. I want to continue making people proud and show young people that nothing is impossible if you want it bad enough and try hard enough.

Jeremy Whittaker: Adopt a healthier lifestyle - exercise more, eat healthily and deepen my commitment to my faith.

Stacious: I don't really make New Year's resolutions. I just make monthly plans and execute them. So in January I will be featured on a new rhythm with a series of female artistes and that is what I am focused on. I don't really have any bad ways which I think I need to lose for the New Year.

Aidonia: For me, the New Year is about family and upward mobility, building my team and the JOP brand, just crazy things for 2015.

Demarco: My career in 2014 was like a tyre, it was a 'Good Year' and for 2015 it's just non-stop work, more music, more videos and taking things to that next level, making brand Demarco into a global superstar.

Potential Kidd: I am coming back hot in 2015 and I am also working on an album. I currently have two new singles and I have an England tour in February. They have me as a one-hit wonder but it is not like that, I am just not on the hot rhythms. I hope in 2015 I will be working with more of the established producers, because that is what I lacked in 2014.