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Ja not producing reggae like the '80s, says Echo Minott - Sex will not propel J'can artistes in Europe

Published:Tuesday | January 20, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Claudia Gardener Echo Minott performing at Rebel Salute 2015

Veteran dancehall/reggae artiste Echo Minott says most of Jamaica's contemporary artistes are unlikely to do well in Europe, because the content of their recordings do not meet European tastes.

Speaking to The Gleaner, in an interview following his performance on Night Two of Rebel Salute, held at the Grizzly's Plantation cove in St Ann, Minott, who now resides in south-western France, said he was disappointed with the negative direction some of the artiste were taking the music and issued some advice for restoration.

"The business change. No reggae music naw produce a Jamaica now like in the '80s. They (Jamaican artistes) doing hip hop and they talking 'bout under girls and all dem things deh, so that is not the real reggae. Where I am in Europe, you can't talk about no sex caw dat no work. Di sex ting nuh work," said Minott, who is better known for the 1980s hits, What the hell di police can Do and Lazy Body said.

"You have fi talk bout Babylon, ganja and things fi do wid di culture. You have to go right back to di roots. Do some good reggae songs, some culture songs, roots songs. That's what they relate to in Europe," he advised.

"They might be able to do well in America; not in Europe. If they get the chance (to perform in Europe), it may be a one show where kids send for them. No real promoter naw go send fi dem."


Still active


Minott said he has not retired from the music industry and is still doing shows within sections of the European continent.

"Next week, I'm going to Italy, then Sardina, then back to France. I still do my thing," he said.

He said that although he had not performed in Jamaica for about 15 years, he was happy for the Rebel Salute crowd response.

"I am happy with my performance. I know that a lot of them (artistes) in Jamaica not doing the real thing, and dem naw get the real thing from we, the '80s artistes. But whenever I get the chance, I am going to give it my hundred and more," he said.