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Twelve-year-old singjay drops debut single

Published:Tuesday | March 3, 2015 | 12:00 AMCurtis Campbell

Twelve-year-old Atika is being promoted as a potential child star on the rise.

The artiste, currently a student at Our Lady of the Angels Preparatory School in Kingston, has already released one single, and is receiving steady airplay on local radio.

She told The Gleaner that she has always had an interest in music because of her mother.

"My mother likes music, so I have grown to like it as well. I am always listening to her songs and trying to make my own. I am very happy about getting a chance to record songs, and people are telling me that they like my music. It is very exciting," she said.

Her single, Too Young, was produced by Stashment Records. The single tackles social issues and sells the idea that children are not too young to understand problems facing Jamaicans.

"I made the song because people told me when I was just about to start music that I was too young. I wanted people to understand that, yes, I am young, but I am aware about stuff that is going on," she told The Gleaner.

"Dem sey mi too young; a wey mi know bout dis, but nuh too young fi see di bag a slackness. Mi nuh too young fi see di country a miss. Mi a worry bout crab inna barrel, mi a worry bout the wharf and gun inna barrel," she sings in Too Young.

Atika is already working on a follow-up single called Daddy Sey. A music video for Too Young will be released in the coming weeks.

Atika assures fans that she will be able to juggle both music and school, citing that she is an active member of Red Cross, Brownies, dance and swim clubs.

Stasha Smith, the mother of the youngster, says persons have compared Atika's skills to QQ and even think they resemble each other.

"People have asked me if she is related to QQ and say they look alike. But I don't think they resemble that much, but as for her music, she is definitely at a similar place in her development. I think Atika has the potential to be Jamaica's next child star, because she knows melody and she comes up with material on her own. So, we will continue to mould her because she has a lot to offer with the talent, and she has a message. She has my full support in whatever positive career she wants to take part in," her mom said.