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Jimbolee - a musical wonder

Published:Sunday | March 8, 2015 | 12:00 AM

One music lover, upon hearing Jimbolee perform for the first time earlier this year in Ocho Rios, asked himself aloud, "How come him nuh buss yet?"

Such is the impact that this artiste has had on all who have heard his music.

And really, it is a wonder how Jimbolee is not yet a household name in Jamaica. With a little luck though, this could be the year that he breaks through locally.

He has already made his name in CuraÁao where he spent part of his life. He also scored a number one on a New York City chart, and has impacted audiences in England, Germany and Holland.

His repertoire includes four albums - Spanish Love, Mixed Feelings, Ten Thousand Miles and Colour of Love. He has his own website ( and Internet radio station; he's not just an artiste, he is also a disc jockey, engineer and producer. You can throw in the fact that he speaks and records in several languages as well.

Most importantly, Jimbolee has recorded some good music.

So it really is a wonder.

"Maybe it's because I'm not greedy why I'm not popular," Jimbolee (real name Phillip Dane Wilmot) told Entertainment Avenue.

The artiste has built a career on positivity and goodwill and is firm in his commitment that this will never change. To him, music is not just a business, it is a ministry.

"Let me tell you why - music is what teaches," Jimbolee said.

"When you do a record, it's a lifetime thing; if it's bad, it's going to affect your future; even after you are gone, it's going to affect your children. It's always going to bring back a memory. I want my memory to be a good memory. So I don't record anything 'underground'. I don't agree with gun lyrics and lyrics disrespectful to women. I don't agree with those things. I agree with what can elevate the youth of tomorrow, because we won't be young forever. I want to keep it positive all the way - that's why I say it's a ministry, not a business."


All-round entertainer


Describing himself as an all-round entertainer, Jimbolee sings love songs, a little culture, gospel and latin. To him, being able to do this means he can satisfy his audience wherever he performs.

His latest project, the 13-track album, Ten Thousand Miles, was released late last year on his website. Online responses have been positive, but not so much locally.

"You know you have to have links in Jamaica. How I see it here, the dirty things go out faster than the good things, that's why I hold on to my values and my music. I have a lot of material, good material. It's just for a good, honest company to come forward and work with me. I'm hoping for that. In the meantime, I'm writing my lyrics, still making music."

His biggest hit to date, I Wish (from Mixed Feelings, 2011) stayed at number one in New York for four weeks, and received favourable responses in Europe.

"It was played once or twice here (in Jamaica), but it didn't get the help it needed for people to hear it."

As for his career, Jimbolee says, "I wish for my music to go out there and change lives. I want my music to set examples. I plan to build a studio - my aim is to put out some good music and bring the youth into that system."