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La Donna del Lago screens tomorrow

Published:Friday | March 13, 2015 | 12:00 AM

Joyce DiDonato emerges triumphant. It doesn't take much courage to tell the listening public that DiDonato is among the world's greatest singing actors of any voice type. On Monday she was beyond perfect ... a performance that may ultimately stand as a high point in her already lofty career. Her tone was pure honey, her coloratura effortlessly fluttering, her ornamentation fearless.

NY Classical Review

The wondrous Ms DiDonato and Mr Mariotti, the fast-rising young Italian conductor, seemed almost in competition to see who could make music with more delicacy. Ms DiDonato sang Rossini's beguiling phrases with soft yet penetrating richness, subtly folding ornaments and runs into the long melodic arcs. And Mr Mariotti drew hushed gentle and transparent playing from the inspired Met orchestra.

New York Times

Juan Diego Florez was as energetic and passionate as ever in his portrayal of the masquerading young warrior king. His molten-gold voice was in excellent form.

La Donna del Lago is Live in HD at Carib 5 tomorrow, showing at 11:55 a.m.

Celebrated American operatic lyric-coloratura mezzo-soprano, Joyce DiDonato, and renowned Peruvian operatic tenor, Juan Diego Florez, join forces for a Rossini showcase of bel canto virtuosity set in the medieval Scottish highlands. DiDonato is the "lady of the lake" of the title, and Florez is the king who relentlessly pursues her, with their vocal fireworks embellishing the tragic plot.

The Met premiere production is directed by Paul Curran and conducted by Michele Mariotti.

Recent reviews of the lead performances and conductor of La Donna del Lago have been gushing.

Act I

Act I is set at Loch Katrine, Stirlingshire, Scotland. Elena, the Lady of the Lake, makes her daily crossing, while shepherds watch their flocks and men hunt in the woods. She sings of her love for Malcolm Groeme, but comes across King James, who has disguised himself as Uberto, hoping to meet the legendary beauty, Elena. Believing the King to be a hunter who has lost his way, she offers him hospitality and they depart for her home, while the King's men search for their disguised leader.

King James learns that Elena's father is Duglas d'Angus, his former tutor who has since joined the Highland Clan that is opposed to James' rule. He also learns of Elena's betrothal to Rodrigo di Dhu, the chief of the Highland Clan and enemy of the King, but his jealousy is assuaged by Elena's lukewarm reaction to the prospect of her marriage.

Malcolm, the suitor whom Elena loves, arrives shortly after James departs. Hidden, Malcolm must endure overhearing Duglas order his daughter to marry Rodrigo as he commands. After Duglas has left, Malcolm and Elena pledge their love.

impending battle

The Highland warriors gather to welcome their leader, Rodrigo, who introduces Elena as his future bride. Malcolm has now resolved to join the clan against the King, but his secret bond with Elena is perceived by Duglas and Rodrigo when they meet. When news arrives of an attack by the King's army and the omen of a meteor passing in the sky, Rodrigo and his warriors depart for battle.

The production's approximate running time is three hours and five minutes.

The next - and final - live transmission of the Met Opera's 2014-15 season is a new double bill production scheduled for April 25, Cavalleria Rusticana (Mascagni) and Pagliacci (Leoncavallo) will be shown, with an earlier than usual start time of 11:30 a.m. The running time is three and a half hours.

Tickets are on sale for the 2014-2015 season at participating cinema box offices and via the web at with a Palace Card.