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Family man feels neglected

Published:Monday | March 16, 2015 | 12:00 AMDavina Henry
Alpha Rowen

Reggae artiste Alpha Rowen speaks about male emotions - which is not a commonplace topic in Jamaican popular music - in one of his latest singles, Man Feelings.

Confirming that the song comes partially from personal experience, Alpha Rowen told The Gleaner that the issue is important, even though it is mostly discussed by only males.

"It's a story about a family man who loves his family, but doesn't feel like he is getting the love and respect he deserves. It's a respectful explanation to our other half, explaining how we feel," he stated. Man Feelings is on the Ancient Mystic label.

Alpha Rowen said men have gravitated towards the song, commending him for giving a voice to the issue. "Males don't often discuss their feelings because of the way we were grown, but we have emotions too. Some females have an issue with us saying that men have feelings; it's a strange sentiment to be heard. Even the disc jocks are saying that the idea is completely original and relevant and can be identified with on a global basis," he said.

Even though he has been making strides with Man Feelings, Alpha Rowen still believes he has not been given the attention he deserves, because of dancehall's dominance. However, he remains undaunted, continuing on his musical journey.

"It is time now, really; it is my time now. I'm thankful for the opportunity and the doors that this song has opened. My main intention is to occupy the music space with positive, uplifting music that is still entertaining," he stated.

Rowen also challenged other artistes to look at the work he has done over the years. "Ask them to check my catalogue and see which other artiste is still on par with such positive and entertaining music," he said.

Another of his current singles is Decent Girl. Alpha Rowen has an EP and album in progress, slated for August and September releases, respectively.