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Chronixx captivates Portlanders

Published:Wednesday | March 18, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Chronixx performing at Oyster Bay, Portland.

Reggae/dancehall artiste, Chronixx, gave a lengthy but entertaining performance witnessed by hundreds of Portlanders and tourists as part of his Capture Land Jamaica Tour, Part 1.

Chronixx, who hit the stage shortly after 7 p.m. on Sunday, easily showed signs of maturity as he captivated the approximately 3,000 patrons on the tropical lawns of Oyster Bay, and his melodious voice seemingly echoed throughout the hills of Dolphin Bay and Drapers.

The picturesque Oyster Bay, with its lush vegetation and calm seas, which is visible along the roadway leading from Trident Castle en route to Drapers, was arguably the ideal spot for the 22-year-old Rastafarian, who blazed a trail with hardcore reggae music, while taking time out to educate his audience on black history.

In what was easily the best performance witnessed by a Portland crowd, Chronixx reeled out hit after hit, including Smile Jamaica, Capture Land, Here Comes Trouble, They Don't Know, Rastaman Wheel Out, Where I Come From, Tenement Yard, Ain't No Giving In, Thanks and Praise, among others.

The singer, whose career has taken off like a fighter jet, also appealed to his fans for unity irrespective of color, political affiliation and religion, as all men are equal.

"I cannot be a racist," Chronixx told the audience.

"I am supported by white, black, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, and just about all the different races. They all support the music, and music brings together everyone. Next to music, football is the only other entertainment that brings together foes and factions. I love football, and my team is Arsenal," he declared.

And even when the young singer threatened to exit the stage after performing for two and a half hours, as he thought that the audience had got overtime, shouts of 'more Chronixx' echoed throughout the hills of Dolphin Bay as patrons demanded more.

A cheerful Chronixx, who obliged the audience, upped the tempo, and the continuation was even more impressive than before. And despite exiting the stage shortly after, the artiste was called back, as the crowd simply would not let him go. He was finally released at 11 p.m. after explaining to the audience that he was on the road singing for five straight days.

Among the dignitaries who witnessed the high-quality performance was Member of Parliament (MP) Daryl Vaz and his wife; MP, East Portland, Dr Linvale Bloomfield; businessman Paul 'Bigga' Young; Errol Hanna, operator of Cliff Hanger restaurant and lounge; and Colin Bell of Tropical Lagoon.