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Russell returns as Summerfest Chairman

Published:Sunday | March 22, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Russell: We are revamping the entire event

LAST Wednesday, the nine-member board of Summerfest Productions, the organisers of the world's greatest reggae show, Reggae Sumfest, returned Robert Russell as its chairman. Russell assumes the mantle with the able assistance of deputy chairman Barry Jenoure. Russell is one of the founding members of the festival and has, prior to the one-year chairmanship of Godfrey Dyer, held the position for 16 consecutive years.

During Russell's tenure, the festival grew tremendously and featured some of the biggest and best acts from all across the world, including Usher, 50 Cent, Missy Elliott, Nicky Minaj, Lionel Richie, and many more. Now the event boasts more than 30,000 patrons.

Commenting on the move, Russell said that promoting the event and attracting more patrons over the years has continued to be his commitment. "We have been extremely fortunate with the success of the event. I will continue to strive to grow and develop the event so that patrons will get more value out of the entertainment package," Russell said.

"We are revamping the entire event and infusing many exciting and first-world elements that will give it a major facelift this year. Patrons will no doubt appreciate this spectacle," he added.

He affirmed the commitment of his team, pointing out that Reggae Sumfest has been the high point of the summer since its inception in 1993.