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Ikaya empowers female students... During Girls' Day at Denham Town High

Published:Wednesday | April 1, 2015 | 12:00 AMCurtis Campbell
Ikaya got this student involved during her recent performance at Denham Town High School.
Ikaya performing for students at Denham Town High School, recently.

Reggae artiste Ikaya recently gave an uplifting talk and performance to the female students at the Denham Town high school, who were celebrating their annual Girls' Day event. The event was organised by the school's guidance counselling department, with the hope that entertainment could be used as a tool to stimulate positive attitudes.

Attended by only female students and some members of staff, Girls' Day was informative and entertaining, Ikaya delivering several songs as well as impromptu speeches during her hour-long presentation.

Althea Grindley, one of the school's guidance counsellors, told The Gleaner that high-school students are in need of motivation and empowerment.

"What we try to do is to find influential persons in society who can motivate them and also identify with them. Most of the persons who we invite here were in a similar situation. So we try to make our students understand that, look, we were once in your position and we made it, so you can be successful too. Ikaya is positive and we, try to source positive entertainers who are saying something positive through their music," she said.

Backed by the Denham Town high school band, Ikaya performed songs like Hard Way, Fly Away, Ugly Girl, among others. She also encouraged students to pay attention to their teachers and parents, as the price of ignorance can be very expensive.

"Sometimes, it's hard, but we have to remember that education comes first, we have to set goals and work towards them. Even what I do is very hard, but you have to be positive and determined. I want you to value yourself and love yourself because the greatest value is self-respect," Ikaya said.

She also condemned teenage pregnancy, advising the young females to abstain from sexual activities and inappropriate relationships.

"Now is not the time for boyfriends and babies, focus on your education and remember to abstain.

There is a price for not listening," Ikaya warned.