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Phelicia Dell for CFW 2015

Published:Sunday | April 19, 2015 | 12:00 AM
A Phelicia Dell handbag

Award-winning fashion designer and protégé of Diane von Furstenberg, Phelicia Dell, will present a stunning art-inspired collection at Caribbean Fashionweek's (CFW) 15th anniversary staging in June this year. In 2010, Dell had the honour to be named among Newsweek magazine's 100 most influential women in the world.

Dell is a classic craftwoman whose roots are firmly based in the rich art and spiritual tradition of her native Haiti. Sacred rhythms from Haiti's music and dance are artforms from which the fashion designer draws influence to create her collections. However, at the brand's core is the traditional Veve diagram, which informs and touches every aspect of the designer's creative process. In fact, so impactful was Dell's research on Veve symbols when she set about to create the brand that choosing a name for the line was automatic.

"The Veve Collection represents a synthesis of majestic and mystical traits with a logic that stands for originality, authenticity that characterise its distinctive nature," the designer said.

The brand, which was launched in 2006, began with cocktail dresses, but would later include handbags and accessories. The designer, however, later began to channel her energies into handbags and accessories. These are creations assembled in a challenging environment, notes Dell.

Her challenges were short-lived, however, when a great opportunity via Women in Democracy came her way in 2008. She participated in the Diane von Furstenberg (DVF) Global Handbag Design Competition.


Global Awards


Working with Voix Essentielles (Vital Voices), the DVF competition solicited designs from female artisans in Haiti, Guatemala, Nigeria and Cambodia. Dell won the competition and was recognised as the best emerging handbag designer in 2009. In that same year, Diane von Furstenberg featured Dell's winning handbags online and in DVF stores around the globe, marking International Women's Day.

Dell has since use her award to develop her label while providing support of emerging talent in Haiti.

In 2010, Newsweek magazine's 100 most influential women award placed Dell among luminaries such as the now-declared 2016 US presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton, whose work was making a significant impact on women around the globe.

Caribbean Fashionweek 2015 is scheduled for June 6-15 and will host the region's fashion design heavyweights in its 15th year, as it celebrates 'Total Fashion!' A full feast of fashion will be served as well as a concert performance by Billy Ocean, one of Britain's most successful black artistes, having sold over 30 million records worldwide.

CFW 2015 is produced by Pulse and presented in association with partners Audi, Epson, Supreme Ventures, the Jamaica Tourist Board, and several other sponsors.