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What mommy means to me

Published:Sunday | May 10, 2015 | 12:00 AMRenee Dillion
Kisses for mommy all around. Nicole McLaren Campbell enjoying some love from her children Lauren (left) and Joshua.
Mommy Nicole cherishes these ‘mommy moments’ with daughter Lauren.
We’ve got this figured out. Homework time is also a time for ‘Mommy Angel’ to bond with her ‘Prince Marco’.
Helping out in the kitchen, Marco Dean shows mom Michelle Downer, aka D’Angel, what he can do.
Mommy to the world! It’s beach day for Kamila McDonald-Alcock and daughter Kailani-Belle.
Smile for mommy. Kamila McDonald-Alcock enjoys a moment with her daughter Kailani-Belle.

Have you ever wondered what life is like inside a celebrity's household? Have you ever wondered how celebrities strike the balance between a thriving career and raising children?

Well, we wonder the same things, too. So, for Mothers' Day, we caught up with a few famous faces. They shared with us some of their sweetest Mommy moments and spilled the beans on how they keep it real beyond the spotlight. Like their mothers, the children just had to get in on the action.

Nicole Campbell

college placement consultant and wife of dancehall artiste Agent Sasco

'Mommy is love'

Sweetest Mommy moments

One of the most standout moments was when I first saw them. That was surreal. I have a stepdaughter, and seeing all three of them is just awesome. It's fun to learn about the world through their eyes. It's fascinating to see them become their own people, develop their own reactions to things, and just seeing their personalities emerge.

The children wake up singing and they go to bed happy. It is a reminder of how we should all try to live. It is a joy for me.

Striking the balance

We know who we are as parents. We are firm about our values. We are firm about the behaviour we want them to exhibit. We believe our kids are special for a reason. God has given us gifts to share with the world, so we deal with it on that basis. You want children that are disciplined, confident and know the difference between right and wrong. That is my husband's focus and my focus as a mother.

What Mommy means to me:

Lauren (Age 3): Mommy is love. She does nice things to me. She will give me a kiss and a hug.

I love to hang out with Mommy, and I love that she reads stories to me at nights.

Joshua (Age 2): I just love Mommy


dancehall artiste and model

The first lady and her prince

Sweetest mommy moments

When he is successful in whatever he does, it makes me so happy and accomplished. It is a constant motivation when he excels in his endeavours, whenever he accomplishes his goals, when he does well academically. Just a simple sports day race when he tries his best even if he doesn't win. It tells me I'm doing a good job as a mom. He just did a test for his next level in tae kwon do, and just watching him and all the success that he is acquiring is just awesome.

Striking the balance

From day one, I'm raising Marco-Dean as normal as possible. I try to keep him out of the spotlight. I instill values that my mom grew me up with. I want him to be himself. He's very humble and he is just living his childhood and I'm just nurturing that into adulthood. I'm quite a mommy! Outside of D'Angel, I'm Michelle, and a solid foundation and firm education is my thing.

What Mommy means to me

Marco-Dean (Age 8): She is my strength. She's beautiful, intelligent, she makes me happy and I love her. I like that she rewards me for excellence. She is also my playmate. I love playing video games with her.

Kamila McDonald-Alcock

Media personality, fitness guru and wife of reggae singer Jah Cure

A mother's unconditional love

Sweetest mommy moments

The everyday joy and beauty of Kailani's development. Picking her up from school and hearing her chirp with enthusiasm about her day, taking her to swimming lessons, a tight hug in the mornings and the sweetest "I love you, Mommy" at nights. I've been blessed with three beautiful years of motherhood and I look forward, with a grateful heart, to all the priceless mommy moments to come!

Striking the balance

Being a mother is a part of who I am. Just like being fit and eating healthy is an important part of my life, being a good mother is one of my top priorities. Balance is something we all strive for in life, it doesn't always come easy, but the things which are truly important to us are what we give energy to. Spending quality time with my daughter, teaching her and being a core component of her development mean the world to me. Nothing gives me greater joy than the miracle of motherhood. Striking that balance is simply second nature.

What Mommy means to me

Kailani-Belle (Age 3): My Mommy is my best friend and I love her because she first loved me.