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Second annual Beer Festival off to great start

Published:Sunday | May 24, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Mixologist Captain Kid shows off his flair bar tending skills at the Jamaica Beer Festival at Barbican Beach on Friday.
DJ Kurt Riley at the controls on day one of the Jamaica Beer Festival.
Mixologist Captain Kid shows off his flair bar tending skills at the Jamaica Beer Festival at Barbican Beach on Friday.
Keznamdi performs at the Jamaica Beer Festival.

Having executed an unforgettable Beer Festival 2014, it was going to be hard to top that. The first night of the second annual Beer Festival went off without a glitch. The organisers of the event put a lot of effort into the design and placement of the booths. This Beer Festival accommodated two times the size compared to last year.

Much was done to ensure that patrons were able to interact with the brands as well as help change the stigma that only men drink beer, and introduce beer lovers to a variety of brew including international beers distributed by Diageo in other territories, and the introduction of the newest 'brew' on the block, Red Stripe Lemon Paradise.

"I sampled the new beer and I love it. It's not harsh, not too sweet, and it doesn't leave an after-taste, which I love," Jade Baker expressed when asked about her thoughts of the new flavour.

An excited Shanz Hill shared, "I'm a Heineken drinker, but, trust me, the Red Stripe Lemon Paradise is amazing. It has that zing that excites my taste buds. I tried it cold and hot and it's just perfect. It's all I've been drinking all night."


hooked to the new flavoured brew


Jodian Allen isn't really fond of beer, but found herself hooked to the new flavoured brew, she explained. "I'm not a beer drinker. I'm here to experience this festival. I tasted my friend's drink and got hooked. After querying what it was, I went to the bar and bought a 6-pack. The Lemon Paradise is my new favourite drink. It's really tasty and it reminds me of the Red Stripe Sorrel, which I love. I'll be leaving with a 6-pack."

With all the beers being consumed, no blind eye was turned to the Heineken Game Room that provided much entertainment for the tech savvy and game lovers. The experience should not have been missed. Rochelle Clarke, Heineken country manager, certainly showed a few men that she wasn't one to be taken lightly, as she showed off her skills in the table football.

DJ Kurt Riley was at the controls delivering great music to keep patrons entertained while they did their rounds and awaited the performances. Patrons fed their appetites with some scrumptious beer-infused dishes. Available were Red Lighters, Irish Ribs, Iced Chops, North Star Pasta, White Dragon Beer Vybez Skewers, Shepard's Harp and Red Stripe Beer-tastic Wings and Waffles. All these were cooked to perfection using one of the beer products: Red Stripe, Heineken, Guinness, Dragon or Smirnoff Ice.

By 9 p.m., it was time for Pentateuch to take the stage to entertain the patient crowd. Many persons came out to see the performances. The crowd gathered at the front of the stage so they could get a better view of what was to come. Pentateuch was ready to hit the stage and when they did, it was non-stop energy. After a few songs, a dancer came on stage to perform alongside the lead singer, which drew the crowd?s interest as she gave her interpretation of the song through dance.

As Pentateuch made way for Keznamdi, DJ Kurt Riley kept the crowd engaged while the artiste got ready. It wasn't long before he came on stage and the crowd erupted. He was not short of high energy and he delivered song after song with the crowd hanging on to his every word. He ended his performance on a high and left the crowd wanting more.

Andrew Anguin, acting brand manager at Red Stripe, was very happy with how the event turned out.

"We are off to a great start. The vibe and the energy tonight were simply magical. I have goose bumps knowing the best is yet to come. The people love it," said Anguin.