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Empire Star V Bozeman for CFW

Published:Sunday | May 31, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Singer, actress and model, V Bozeman.

Triple threat star - singer, actress and model - V Bozeman, one of the blazing hot personalities on the ultra-hit TV series Empire, comes to Jamaica for Caribbean Fashion Week (CFW) in June. She performs her hits on Friday, June 12, at the National Indoor Sports Centre. She will also walk the runway for one lucky emerging CFW designer. Bozeman will appear on the CFW Emerging Designer Showcase.

Bozeman joins a growing list of international designers, singers, celebrities and superstars who are headed to Jamaica for the Caribbean's biggest fashion event, as Pulse celebrates 35 years and CFW celebrates 15. CFW is special this year, as Pulse pulls out all the stops to celebrate these important milestones.

Disruption is the first step towards change. Los Angeles-born singer, V. Bozeman, disrupts conventions, burns expectations, and emanates extreme energy in its purest form. Take one glance at her, and you'll see strikingly natural beauty augmented by runway-ready features and edgy modern style. Musically, she doesn't flip the script so much as rewrite it altogether. After one listen, you'll hear feral intensity, focused vision, and unnerving dynamic talent that turned the likes of Timbaland, Cee Lo Green, Timothy Bloom, and more, into instant fans, creative collaborators, and supporters.

Her 2015 full-length debut for Timbaland's own Moseley Music Group and Epic Records, Music Is My Boyfriend, simply signals one thing, the future. Growing up in South Central Los Angeles, the sounds of Gladys Knight and Whitney Houston drowned the gunfire outside of Bozeman's window. She took the stage for the first time in church at four years old, captivating the congregation and realising her purpose in the world. After touring the globe in the Crenshaw High School choir, she formally embarked on her musical journey.


Short-lived girls group


In the early stages of the business, she caught the eye and ear of music icon Kenny 'Babyface' Edmonds and signed her first deal to his Soda Pop label as the lead singer in a short-lived girls group. Soon thereafter, a call from singer Timothy Bloom yielded her viral collaboration with the modern soul man on the provocative single, Til The End of Time in 2011. Cee Lo Green became equally transfixed, signing her to a production deal in 2012, as she turned heads with online releases such as Poison.

However, Timbaland would set the stage for the world to properly get to know V in a big way. "We actually met years ago, and Timbaland told me he was going to come back for me," recalls V. "This year, I got a random call from him, and we were in the studio a week later. I had always wanted to work with him. He knows how to bring the past, present, and future.

And for Timberland, he says, "What excites me about V is that she is excitement. There's nobody that you heard of with a tone like her's in years."

She soon found herself on another exciting journey to Chicago where she was asked to audition for his new hip hop drama on FOX called Empire. V landed the role of Veronica and opened the Empire series with a heart-wrenching ballad titled What Is Love. V's performance captivated both viewers and listeners alike, garnering the second highest downloaded song from the Empire soundtrack.

V is currently putting the final touches on her heavily anticipated debut album with Timbaland titled Music Is My Boyfriend, filled with beautiful, well-penned ballads of love, loss of love and overall hope for the world, while showcasing the soul and strength of her rich vocal tone, perfectly balanced with clever empowering uptempos that remind us all that she is definitely a rose who found its way through the concrete. V's not afraid to go anywhere. "There can still be a message within music," she concludes.