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New Delcita back in Theatres

Published:Sunday | September 6, 2015 | 9:00 AMDavina Henry
Andrea ‘Delcita’ Wright as Cpl Del.

She broke hearts when she announced that she would no longer be playing Delcita Coldwater, but actress Andrea Wright says she is now back ... but with a difference.

Known for her character's rotten teeth and ugly painted face, Wright has done away with those characteristics, but has retained Delcita's mannerisms.

Many were astounded when the decision was made to abandon Delcita's character. Wright has now given The Sunday Gleaner an insight into what really took place.

"There was an issue with the conceptualiser of the character. I don't own the rights to the character, so basically I had to be paying royalties to this person. I just decided to do away with this character because, at the end of the day, I own my talent," she said.

Wright added that she was still in serious demand both locally an internationally and, as such, has once again returned to the spotlight.

Previously, Wright had been a part of the Stages Productions stable for many years.

"My new play, Border Patrol, is currently what I'm promoting. It was written by me and directed by myself and David Tulloch. The play opened a few weeks ago and, so far, the reception has been very good. Persons have even come to see it a second time. Andrea 'Delcita' Wright has been relaunched with her own face, my pretty face. I'm back on stage," she told The Sunday Gleaner.

Though fans might be concerned about her return, Wright promised that there would be 'no watered-down Delcita'. In fact, she believes that her character is just as strong or even stronger than before.

"The fans are happy to see me back on stage. A lot of them are surprised at how I really look, because they are used to seeing the 'ugly version' of me. I announced my departure from theatre in February and I began rehearsals for Border Patrol in April. Things are looking up, it's really been going great," she said.

Though she has embarked on a new course with a new management team, Wright is adamant that she would never go back to playing Delcita Coldwater.

"No, never. That is too much heartache and pain. I have to thank my close family and friends who stood by me during those painful moments. Thanks to all the overseas promoters who told me that you don't need to paint your face and use rotten teeth to prove that you're a star. People are happy for this look," she said.

Concerns about return

Questioned about added worries, concerns or fears she may have about being back in theatre with a new look, Wright had this to say:

"In this economic climate, many persons do not have disposable income. Theatre is not one of those areas that are subsidised by the Government. That's the only concern that I have right now. Since my return, fans have been readily supporting me and for that I am forever grateful. Border Patrol was a like a litmus test and I am happy that I have been blessed with such amazing fans."

In the meantime, Wright and her castmates will be journeying to both the United States and Canada for the respective Thanksgiving weekends. They will also be hosting charity events across the island.

"I'm still looking forward to writing my book and to also branch out in both film and television production," Wright told The Sunday Gleaner.