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Jamaican author publishes 'Obama’s Drama' on Amazon

Published:Sunday | September 20, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Cover of ‘Obama’s Drama’ by Jamaican author James J.J. Thomas.

Three years ago when Jamaican author James J.J. Thomas published his first book on, Black America, Why?, it caused a stir.

Now he's back on with what he claims is a more riveting book, a 115-page fiction titled Obama's Drama.

The book tells the story of how the president's wife and children are kidnapped while on a goodwill mission to Africa, and the subsequent impact it has on international security and on the global financial market.


completely fictional


Speaking to the Sunday Gleaner about the book, Thomas did not disclose the ending.

Obama's Drama is completely fictional, he pointed out.

"It's about the president sending his wife and children to Africa on a goodwill mission. They went to Nigeria then on to Tanzania where they had a great time, then on their first stop in Kenya, while visiting a game park, they were kidnapped by dangerous guerrillas and taken later to Yemen. The world could not believe it - the president's wife and children kidnapped? It sent industry and commerce worldwide into a tailspin and most financial centres worldwide took a nosedive because the impact was so great."

There have been several stories (several of them set to movies) about the president of the United States.

One can recall from the 1990s, movies such as Air Force One, JFK, Dave, The American President, Absolute Power, among others, were produced. Then since the turn of the century, Head of State, White House Down, Lincoln and several others have emerged.

Thomas believes Obama's Drama could join that list in the future, based on the storyline.

"It's an exciting and gripping story; there has never been a book like this before about an American president and his family. I am very confident that people will gravitate towards it."

The story was prompted by what Thomas sees as America's love for high drama.


promotional ploy


"Knowing the United States of America, it's a country that loves high drama, and I believe a story like this would really draw the American people to the book. Some may believe it's far-fetched, it cannot happen, but knowing the dangers out there, it is possible," he argued.

The book took him a year and a half to write and was available on for free for five days as a promotional ploy.

It will soon be available on the shelves of bookstores in Jamaica.

Thomas, in the meanwhile, has set his eyes on a December publication for another book, titled The Power of the Penis (Is the Vagina More Powerful?).

"This book is not explicit," he noted. "What the book does is, it examines both organs - they are abused and misused. And also chaotic!"